DIY Gear Thread


The WA is AMAZING. But the Hairball stuff is as good or better. The way they minimized the wiring makes the build a lot more accessible. At $450 it’s a steal.



snagged a WES51 today

@knobgoblin think im gonna grab the hairball kit once i get back from Japan, will prob build up a few simple FX pedals in the meantime to get my soldering skills back up to speed


Built up my first pedal, super dodgy filter


sythrotek dirt filter, super easy build but the stompbox enclosure i bought is a bit too small for the pcb and 1/4" jacks (forgot to consider the height of the caps when i ordered the enclosure)


My Dub Siren. Simple and useful :slight_smile:


Add a comparator to the modulator for square/pulse modulations and make it switchable👍


Got a notification that’s PCB design class is free this week, fyi.


@dansci @mks



This is really cool!


Posted it with you in mind. :sunglasses:

If one could find a scalable way off building these I’ll bet there’s a business opportunity here too. You could beat those KDJ-one fools to market still. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Man, I wouldn’t have the industrial design chops to even build something like that.

I’m glad someone did though.

It’s cool seeing what people are doing with the Raspberry Pi and it’s cool that he programmed the sounds in PureData.


That is seriously impressive. Inspiring even :nerd_face:



Free iOS app for anyone looking to play with building Pd (Puredata, the open source cousin of MaxMSP) stuff.


Nice idea ronzlo, if even to remind me to try MaxMSP and Max4Live with some weird patches haha, now that I have a non-shit PC

Gonna try and build something similar to this:


reminds me of this:


Ah sick

Have to get a bow and just be that weird music guy on the street haha

OK got sidetracked there, back on topic:

Has anyone had experience with these things?

It’s super cheap here, I’m just curious if I would need a preamp, as the only equipment I have and will have for the foreseeable future are just my PC, a really cheap generic “7.1” soundcard, and my Android phone…


What is it? A contact mic?