DJ Youngsta

Had to be in here really


truly one of the greatest rinse sessions of all time

That Souljahz remix of Mala’s ‘Da Wrath’ still gives me goosebumps when the synths kick in. D1 and early Loefah tracks are of the very sound that got me into it all. Task has some golden lines:

“Hold tight all the gash”
“Hold tight younger gash…that’s from youngsta”
“What’s this message about table cloth? Big up the table cloth - you’ll need a table and chair first”
“Charlton are gonna get murked…aight”


Is there a DL link for this anywhere? Youtube eats up my data (In car listening purposes)

I can ping up a link in the next couple days Nathan

Might do a few links of classic shows/faves

& yeah the vibes are untouchable on that Yunx v Loefah session ‘ITS A MINUS DEGREE’


Nice one sir, I’m definitely in need of some classic shows… Too many been lost over the years!

Always loose my shit when that tune kicks in, what i’d give to here it on a system. Probably my all time favourite moment from Yunx’s Rinse shows.

The B2B with Loefah, the may 19th 2004, 22/08/11 and the 29/08/11 youngsta mixes are my personal favourites.

I recently found this one which is on repeat at the moment. Can’t believe the new forum doesn’t have the cannon smilie :frowning:

There was a tune around 30 mins in the last show, yunx shouted out the producer something like ‘Mark E Ledge’ but I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Anyone know?

Guessing its a tune called ‘Dream’ by this bredda from Yunx’s chat

1 BigUp

Surprised the System Badman VIP clip aint in here.
Looking forward to the boat party with him on the decks :corndance:

He’s got Appleblim with him tonight. 7-9.

B2B Hatcha last night with SP. Gonna check it later

This may be a long shot, but has anyone got Youngsta RinseFM 21.05.12 with Loxy on the guest mix?? Lost my collection, and this is a must have for me.

totally spaced, from a quick listen this am, Nov 3rd show goes…
2015 11/03 Youngsta
00 Addison Groove?
04 Youngsta Mumdance -
10 Lux Groove - Five Four
14 Addison Groove - Dupla
23 Alex Coulton - Concealed Weapon
27 Pinch - No Justice
31 Bukez Finest - Speed of Light
37 Skream Filth

58 AxH - Numbskull
1.01- Proxima - Trapped - trap remix
1:05 Amit
1:07 - Fear Noone
1:08 - Seven - Shaker
1:15- Youngster LX One - Responsibility
1:18- J:Kenzo - Magneto VIP 165 Version
1:22- SamBinga - The Manchesta instrumental
1:27- Fracture Excalibur
1:31- Wen Ghost
1:34- Dbridge - Fashion Dreads

2015 11/17 Youngsta
0 Facta - Alsatian (Beneath Remix)
5 Markee Ledge - Only One - Elevate LP
12 Addison Groove - Dupla
15 ?
19 Markee Ledge - Make Your Move (Addison Groove remix)
22 ’trust me’ ’that chune ya’ ‘get, get busy’ ‘bounce’
25 Markee Ledge - Dream - Tempa
31 Nomine - outside nomine
33 Markee Ledge - Underground Railroad - Tempa
39 Bukez Finest - Speed of Light
46 Epoch - The Vile - tempa
51 ? ‘body is burning’
54 AMIT - Fatty Batty
56 AxH - Numbskull
59 outside nomine track
1.00 AMIT - Acid Trip
1.03 Kaiju - Fear Noone
1.06 Seven - Shaker - Uprise Audio
1.09 Caspa - Submission (Youngsta remix)
1.11 ‘into the mind of a killer’
1.14 Amit - Dakku
1.19 Youngsta & Simm - Broken Soul
1.22 AxH - Gem Tone
1.26 ?
1.27 Ago - So Mi Seh
1.31 Fracture & Om Unit - Chattin Breeze
1.33 Greezus & Sinister - Skunk Face
1.38 Om Unit - Spirit Req (Loxy & Resound remix)
1.44 ?
1.47 Om Unit & Distance - Half the Battle - Holgomize EP
1.49 Levelz - LVL 09
1.53 Danny Scrilla - Obeah VIP
1.56 Ruffhouse ?

in case you missed what Youngsta said. so many records to buy