DJ Youngsta


the man is in possession of some serious weight
would love to catch his set


*Cimm :slight_smile:


Asylum - Bodyburn

SP:MC & LX One - Hunted


I must always remember to hunt down the massive amount of Rinse FM mixes this man has, when i’m craving that original sound


nice ye i can’t remember, funny coz my buddy picked up Hunted a few weeks ago and weed been rinsing it


The Ville, a new Pocosink remix/VIP and (I think) No Mercy VIP’s within. Big show.


big big mix, tracklist looks like the usual yunx business, but the mixing is so next,

good replay value


Wasn’t Vivek supposed to do a guest mix this week?


anyone watch/ get to go to the youngsta j kenzo boiler room last night?


yeah i enjoyed it. needed task or toast, well not needed, i would of love to of heard them toast the mic.


Laurie is an absolute DON!


Yeah watched it on relook earlier. enjoyed the sets . Benny ill was proper. Younx had the usual big blends . Kenzo’s was decent as well besides minor technicals


Vinyl only too


task or toast who’s the better youngsta mc



rate his style

good host

might just be associating it with better sets tho


Here’s the link to that Boiler Room show btw


toast as a host, task had the golden era tunes tho


The low end on the new SP bit yunx is playing is just different. Man has it down to a science.



identifiable, even in an abstract image.
Sydney May 20
I’d put up some short vids but MOV file exts are not acceptable.