DJ Youngsta


Anyone got the full set this is from?

Youngsta & Task 04


Or an ID on the tune out of it?


10 dread commandments


Lol we used to be such nerdherds

Loved it


If anyone wants to start collating the links im more than up for trying to organise into a master Dropbox/google drive?

Particulary any of these (from the old forum thread):

Here’s all the ones posted so far in chronological order because I’m clearly a bit OCD and like that sort of thing.
Scientist / Youngsta & Task - 10 Nov 05 uploading now. I’ll post the link when I get back from the pub.

Youngsta - Mar 05 (Blackdown)

Youngsta & Task - Rinse FM - 19 May 04 (thc) (sub’craze)

Youngsta b2b Loefah & Task - 12 May 05 (RickyRicardo) … .05.05.mp3 (glacial)

Youngsta & Task & Jammer - 20 Oct 05 (boomnoise) (Marsyas) … .20.05.mp3 (glacial)

Youngsta & Task - 17 Nov 05 (Marsyas) … -11-05.mp3 (glacial)

Youngsta & Task - 23 Feb 06 (Marsyas)

Youngsta & Task 09 Mar 06 (mos dan)

Youngsta & Task - 27 May 06 (Superisk)

Youngsta - Unknown (Marsyas)

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Would love a few from the early dungeon period if anyone’s got them. When he used to open up with Down or Motherland VIP and that. The three deck teases around that time were so good. Might be a few in the getdarker archive, will check soon.


I have all of the below, will upload them on Friday when I have access to better internet.

I have a few other old ones and every single show from 2012.


who remembers injuction/hibernation/phatty drummer/toast mc intro for 3 months straight b2b 10 pages of dsf posts oh those were the days.

Edit: back then I played this one back to friends as a minimal intro

Anyone remember which one it was when he played badman vip for the 1st time with no mc break then went old school for the 2nd hour but the turntables were wrecked and you could hear him yelling at the engineer? Haha


Haha remember all of those.

What about when Angry Birds used to be kicking around.

& What about the one b2b2b2b kryptic minds & icicle - ‘icicles taken off his jacket now, things getting serious’

And yeah I’ve got most of the shows from late '11/'12 too somewhere. Is that website the Youngsta Mix Archive that was tracklisting that era have links thatre still active? Would be a decent start point.


The site is no longer around

Thankfully some of the pages are archived but a real pain in the arse to see what works and some youtube channels have uploaded the older shows and added the tracklist.


Yeah spoke to the owner. Their severs crashed and the hosting provider had no backups quote bleak tbh.

Also who remembers Quantum Soul - strong root intro for a coupla weeks straight.

That injunction intro period too. The “Dungeon” goldern era


Haha he even went and re done the show the next week. Well the second hour old school spesh.


Fuck me forgot all about that


U knew it would be a good show if he’d got Amity Step / 3rd Base / Xylophobia in the first 30 mins


I have filled in some of the requested.

Other sets that may be of interest.

Youngsta - 2010-10-28 Old School Set


Rinse FM B2B Distance - 4th March 20



Youngsta & Task - Rinse FM - 05-19-04.mp3





Anyone else seen this Youngsta & Hatcha thing - Bloodline? What’s it all about?


Safe Marcus! Big uploadification

The headhunter set is so heavy

Gonna look through my ones this week


Jheeze, gonna be on a mad download spree