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nah, its me uploading them on my own account actually, mostly out of laziness because my upload speeds are absolutely horrendous and my storage accounts are all full

anyways, this week’s show is up now



Oh right, how very noble of you ! :stuck_out_tongue: I will get round to the mixcliud downloader, I know I’ll really dig your shows, just to find the time !

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i appreciate that




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Had this on nice and loud in the house the other day.
Tune selection is on point! Loving the way the tunes build and the mix gets harder, more frantic, more intense up to aroundabout the end of the first hour then starts winding down again.

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thanks m8! appreciate that a lot

got a fresh one from today, not sure how the blends will be, was extremely hungover and vomiting during the set lol and i was hopping from genre/bpm more than usual lol

(tracklist on the mixcloud page)



a lot of good music and my voice is audible at one point so have fun
(trigger warning: it’s all electro acid trance techno)

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my monthly dubstep 140 business dvs youtube live stream mix.

januari 2019
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My first mix for the year 2019
DigiLog - For The Love Of Bass



100% Vinyl


T - Connection - Do What You Wanna Do

Steve Monite - Only you (Frankie Francis Disco Jam Mix)

Stone - Time

Freeze - I.O.U (Megamix)

Sybil Falling In Love (Long Version)

Africanism - Love Is The Answer

Cooly G - Love Dub (Refix)

Soulsearcher - Can’t Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix)

Shelltoe - Whoah! (Vocal)

Kevin Mark Trail - Perspective (Mad Skillz Old Skool Dub)

Ce-Ce Peniston - Somebody Else’s Guy (T J’s Lady Choice Dub)

Joey Negro presents Akabu - Don’t Hold Back (Skylark Main Mix)

Tuff Jam - Set It Off (Booker T’s State 51 Lick)

Ghost - The Club

Whitney Houston - Fine (Jameson Untitled Mix 1)

Martyn - Mega Drive Generation

Auntie Flo - Oh My Days (Pearson Sound Refix)

Heartless Crew - The Heartless Theme (Version 1)

Lol Boys - Moments in Heartbreak



found this, one of the rare occasions where i had a mix recorded at a gig,
Think i was playing on these and i was feeling very uncomfortable about that



since the LSR mixer is broken at the moment we’re unable to do a show this wednesday. Instead we recorded this mix full of 140 goodness. mixture of vinyl and digital; breaksy stuff at the end. enjoy.

v.i.v.e.k - where were you
bullion - family
loyal hardware - on you
swarms - time lapse
otik - fetal
john arnold - 4 minutes?
cosmic trg - tower block
subtropic - tilt the frequency
youngstar - bongo
eva808 - pink uzi gang
silkie - love affair
yoshihiro hanno - inharmonic
laurence wilkins - street walker
dreams - headhunter
this heat - 24 track loop
krushed & sorted - breaker (as above so below mix)
digitonal - snowflake vectors
bochum welt - fortune green
the widdler - calamity
andrea - passage
headhunter & djyuna - el presidente
arp101 - dead leaf
orien - blue lagoon
native force - music box
brokenchord - lowe
atomic dog - apache
future loop foundation - karma (click n’ cycle mix)
hazard - pylons

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I have many of those records. big up mane

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Safe man. Garage or disco ones?



disco and that lol boys one also



Lol boys one is an underrated classic

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made a mixtape for elysia, a club in basel.

also contains unreleased tuna.

file under: ambient, downtempo, bass & beyond



Fresh minimix with a few exclusives and original productions;

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Part 2 of our April mini mixes, more exclusives and original productions