I just downloaded it.


yeah wtf, its back now… swear it said it was removed just a few minutes ago


Nice memes




It getting fixed lol.


S’weird how when you try to do something totally new you run into the same old shit lol.

Also funny how what sounded :fire: last night sounds like :poop: today.

Still trying to blaze a new flow.


I believe in you. Excited to hear the final result.


having fun with this.

have used a couple extra samples but drums main samples and bass are all from the samples


Had a break through with my sub on this one. I think I might’ve finally figured it out lol


Just a reminder submissions close on the 13th. 9 more days


Mine might not be finished but im quite happy with the way it soundss though like I did the obvious thing like an idiot


What’s so obvious?


You will see


Three more days. If the site being down hurts subs I’ll probably extend it a little


PLEASE please please do.


Alright, how’s Friday sound?


Better, thanks. I was stressing a bit about banging out final arrangement tonight (been booked up.)

@vael21 think this short timeframe might be too much to try out your mastering service this time, but I definitely plan on sending you something soon.


So far I’ve only gotten one submission. I finished mine up last night. If we don’t get anymore by Friday I’ll probably push it back to Sunday cuz it seemed like a lot of people were interested in this one.

I’m pretty happy with my song and might actually look to get it mastered afterwards so I’ll probably send you a pm sometime @vael21


Ive been busy and havent even started this thing, and friday sounds good, if I dont send it by then dont bother haha


Downloaded the samps and started playing with them today. Should have something for this one