Aw shit, now I’m worried.

:hear_no_evil: :cornlol:

Nah but seriously… that ups the stakes. A bit.

(Cracks knuckles)


Think I’m done :ghost::+1::smoking:


Can’t rush art man. Hit me up when you are ready to send something :ear::notes:


Mines nearly done will try finishing today


had a quick go at the stems after work today, submitted :slight_smile:


Got it I’ll download it tomorrow after work :stuck_out_tongue:


subbed mine as well


I’ll submit what I’ve got when I get back from work. Wish I could have finished it cos it was fun but hey ho


Got two more days. Not going to shut this down until Friday as per request




Will defo have something by midnight



Thwarted at every turn.

Having too many technical challenges (mostly my own damn fault) and shit. Plus am sick with some fucked sinus/bronchial thing and I keep panning things right because I can’t hear so well out of that ear lol. Depressed.


When I get the kids to bed might try for a Hail Mary but not counting on it.

:salute: to the remaining participants.


It’s raining. I can’t send it when it rains it damages the computer.

Yn y bore?


Alright sorry ended up being super busy yesterday (even though I wasn’t supposed to be :angry:

Gonna get the voting thread up after breakfast

Almost everyone just named their song dsf-roulette or some variation of so I’m just going to give every song a letter :man_shrugging: