OK boys and girls, time for another comp.


Must contain sample(s) from at least one of the mp3s.

Max 5 mins as usual.

Send pm me your stuff when you’re done.

That’s pretty much it I guess.
You can use your own sounds to compliment your tune/beat, just make sure you incorporate the sample(s).

Deadline is Sept 13th, then we’ll have 1 week of voting.



are you in czech republic or is this just some ad bullshit? :cornlol:

Archive (.ZIP)

File size: 20.95 MB
Uploaded: 2017-08-28 16:07:46
Uploaded From: Czech Republic

thats odd, it says it was uploaded from USA for me (which is where tolsof is from i think)


Gonna beta one or new two ways of working that are - for me - p radical. Without jinxing gonna use a newly rediscovered bit of software plus a really limited way of starting ideas. Hopefully the two will reinforce each other.


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ad bullshit then lol, guess it just pulls your location from IP. not sure what it’s supposed to achieve tho

Yeah I’m from the us weird

Just to double check, we have to use at least one of the samples (I’m guessing to an audible degree, not just slicing off 10ms of a tail and mixing it nearly silent in the background :rofl:)

And other than that we can use our own samples, synths etc?

@butterman @kaili @
I’ll be up for this :slight_smile:

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Yeh man I’m down.

Are we doing fixed bpm like last time? @Tolsof

@vael21 I mean I guess if you want to be a poop you could do that. That’s kind of always been an option in sample comps, just say you used the samples when you didn’t. Personally I’m probably going to be about 25% samples and 75% other stuff. Some of it will be more recognizable than others.
But yeah if you want you can just grab a vocal sound from momotorou and call it good.

@butter_man nope no set BPM just go at it

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I’m gonna try use only the samples


Yeah should really only be this way imo.

I’m actually enjoying the hybrid approach, but already using 2 out of 3 of the samples. Gonna aim to use all of 'em.

A smidge of synthesis on top is just frosting.


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Should be pretty easy to use all the samples there’s a lot of good stuff in there.


What format to send in, and can it be a ~-6dB premaster?

BTW, first timer here, don’t crush my hopesand dreams haha

However you want. Gets uploaded to soundcloud so the quality will get squashed. I’d prefer mp3 for upload speed but I’m not gonna turn someone down for sending a wav.

This format may warrant some light hard limiting tbh.

Ah ok. Tnx for the input.

looks like the sample pack got removed for copyright (you’re not really supposed to be sharing full copyrighted tunes on this forum anyways haha)

Well shit lol.
I could just post links to the YouTube videos

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