DSF Sample Contest 48 (Winner: MARSEN)

Congrats to Marsen!


A - Marsen - “Two Blades, Black Surface”
B - Johney - “Iced Out”
C - Butter Man - “Thaw Thot Eurghs”
D - Viridis Vir - “Sleetstorm”
E - Cyclopian - “Thin Ice”
F - Tolsof - “音声録音”
G - Shackleford - “Disney On Ice”
H - The Tinkler - “Thinner Than You Think”


Cheers Ronzlo!

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Will give this a go :salute:

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#48 eh?

Think so. Pretty sure anyway.

I’m in Budapest from 6th to 10th but will have laptop and headphones with me so hopefully will have time enough to do something…

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out come the excuses already !



Set up your laptop in Vajdahunyad Castle and let the vibes inspire you


Wow, who could have come up with this? Should be fun :wink:

I claim no responsibility for the concept. :gunfinger: :wink_og: :cocktail:

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Well you made it happen and that’s what matters :grin:

Will this help cut the breaks?

I’ve never been ice skating before.


Count me out. Didn’t have room for my laptop after all.
If I can whip something up between the 11th and 13th I will…

What kinda phone you got?

Finally got semi-decent kick and snare. Not my favorite but will do for now. Also got a little loop going I’m actually jazzed about. We’ll see how I manage to fuck it all up this time lol (j/k, I know it’ll be my mixdown. :confused: )

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For some reason everything is really janky on my laptop. Getting echos and stuff. It kept trying to record from my mic with any resample too. Think i got it all fixed (except the echos and other weird things)

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Samsung galaxy s7


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Only had one sesh so far but got some things coming. Leaving for Vietnam on the 23rd for a while so hoping with all the other stuff I gotta get done I’ll have time to finish before the deadline lol

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: you too

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Loool I’m tryna work out my own excuses rn !

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