DSF Sample Contest 48 (Winner: MARSEN)

Hahaha naw dawg I’m gonna see if I can get outta work early tonight and hit it hard while the gf is still working. Im pretty into it so far though I’m definitely finishing it either way. Making me wanna work more with field recordings and weird sampled stuff

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So I think my feedback issues and stuff I’m having is from ASIO. Not sure what to do about it cuz I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and fucked with all the settings. Guess I’ll have to deal lol

Get on Gearslutz or KVR. Chances are there’s a thread on that very issue already.

right i am now sitting down to send you all into retirement

all 2 of you who havent already made your excuses

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16 DLs. I expect 16 entries. :djparty:


Tbh I’m curious how it will affect the production. Not sure how much of this stuff exports but I think either way it will create an interesting sound, even if it is only because of the output I’m hearing. Will probably fuck with my mastering a lot though, and the bass might be booty but oh well, still a good time

Just a pleasant reminder in case you’re anything like me and came up with a cool little start and then haven’t touched it in a couple days - the deadline is coming up fast. Let’s not have another 2 submission deal.

(I have received one submission so far, you know who you are and big up.)


One bludclart submission ! Me affi get me bredrin Chet hanks in n fix up all yu bumbaclart slackkaman


about 90% complete atm. pretty stoked

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Might just end up submitting a cool little start lol

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As a non entrant I can safely judge the entries impartially if you’re doing it that way?

Dm for my paypal

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i got a loop on the go im happy with, 2 bars hahaha. ill keep on keeping on

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I’ve got mine pretty much done, think it has been every tempo imaginable before i finally came up with something.

just gonna give a listen with fresh ears tomoz and send it in.

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any chance of a couple of days extension? Ive just realised its the 12th

Put a poll in the thread. You have my blessing. I’m only now beginning to get something halfway close to what I want it to sound like.

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should we have a few days extension?

  • yes give us a few more days
  • no you twat stick to the rules

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can i change my vote, i didnt realise votes would be public !


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im not sure how to do that but ill count yours as a yes lol


I’m personally cool w a couple more days just cuz I had a bout of arrangeophobia - had a nice loop going and was afraid to fuck it up by making a whole tune out of it lol. Thankfully overcame it this morning and am most of the way there I think.

Ultimately it would be unseemly of me to call it tho so that’s on all of you via the poll. If it means a few more entries it can’t be bad, right?


Couple other things:

  1. to contestants who sent me downloadable SC links - just want to be sure they’re not being downsampled from 320 automatically, not sure how SC compresses ting these days. Anybody know?

  2. should we do the old naming thing where it was A, B, C etc or should we let the tracks use their submitted names? Don’t really care, guess some ppl used to have distinctive naming styles so…



Aha, i don’t mind either way tbh if it means we have a few more paricipants then extend the deadline daddy ronz