DSF Sample Contest 48 (Winner: MARSEN)

1.Soundcloud turns tracks to shite for streaming but i imagine they are literally storing a copy of what has been uploaded and allow you to DL that, as opposed to what’s being shown on the site.
2.i rekon ABCD is the one …

Definitely need a few days. I have something going but have had literally no time the past few days

Have you (or anyone else) A/B tested this? It seems like SC would automatically compress both just for storage efficiency but who knows.

EDIT: seems the dl is same as uploaded, but streams get downsampled…


K, one request for A/B/C naming. Anybody else either way?
@Tolsof make the time, it’s worth it. :bluethumb:
Looks like the Ayes have it on extending a couple days - @butter_man did you put a time limit on the poll?


nah no time limit, give it till midnight 16th so to get as many in as possible


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Yeah I should definitely be able to finish up by the 16th

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I was gonna say 15th but thought one more day wouldnt hurt lol


the 16th of january 2026


we want as many entries as possible lol

Lool, with the rate DSF is goin i rekon we’d get less entries then !


Was gonna say Wed. 2400 hours PST (GMT -8, so would be 8am Thu. goblintime)…

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Sc does compress the file for streaming but it is a very high quality and efficient codec. Not just mp3 compression.

Basically negligible for most people.

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sounds good to me

You had time to do anything 4 the comp bro ?

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What comp?

Shoulda said Cont!

this sample Competition/Contest

This thread lol

My track sounds like a fart bazooka being fired by a palsied monkey. P dope tbh.



abcd naming sounds fair, or just pick up some random words out of a dictionary to make it more interesting.

SC downloads are the exact same file that was uploaded

Hmm not familiar with it

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You’ve probably seen it around - about 4’8", squirrelly lookin’ dude, mumbles a lot…

Gentle reminder crew, this ends in about 36 hours. Get 'er done.