DSF Sample Pack Contest 46 - VOTING THREAD

You can vote for up to two tracks

Voting will run for one week

Anonymity of submissions must be preserved, otherwise track will be disqualified


  • alpha
  • beta
  • charlie
  • delta
  • echo
  • foxtrot
  • golf
  • hotel
  • indigo
  • juliet
  • kilo
  • lima
  • mike
  • november
  • oscar

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Impressive turnout!

done up to golf. writing a few lines about each as i go, will post when i finish. won’t say who i voted for though.

listening thru now

voting 4 urself is wack btw

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That’s why we give people two votes - everyone has the opportunity to vote for themselves and their favourite other tune.

went alpha and indigo, really like alpha in particular, reminds me of like bristol and applepips stuff

breaks on lima were q sick

wow, really impressed with the turnover

@tabasco any reason for ditching the rounds system?

it was easier to vote for one track in a group of 2/3 tracks than just picking two favourites from a pool of 15

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Yeah, Alpha is a biggle.
I can smell your track :wink:

So many submissions and so many bangers, big up people!
Whoever made foxtrot, big ups! Just make sure you layer a new kick once this blows over lol.
So far, I think I’m gonna give Kilo a vote, most innovative imo.
Charlie sounds like something Elgato would’ve made back in the day.

Not especially. Will bear it in mind if anyone else complains.

Does liking the post count?


If not, consider this a formal complaint

whoa everyone elses are so much better than mine. you lot are creative as hell

a - was vibsing to this! think the mixdown could have been a bit better in places but still cool
b - cool vibe going, didnt think it flowed that well to start with. liked the end section a lot. thought the kicks were a bit flat
c - not sure what to make of this to be honest, liked the bass but i couldnt get into it much.
d - pretty cool grime tune, claps a bit too quiet imo. kinda wish after a bit, the bass wouldnt be on the same beats as the lead, wanted some variety
e - bass is nice. kinda was hoping after the huge build up itd breakdown into something a bit mental, but the pads n stuff are cool i guess.
f - really cool sounds and nicely mixed down, but i got a bit bored must admit. might just not be my kinda tune
g - cool bassline, was grooving out to the tune. percussion was full of energy.
h - nice chilled beat, bit nothingy for me, picks up a bit in the 2nd half.
i - cool tune, nice skippy beat and some cool sounds. like when the claps come in especially
j - nice bass! loads of cool stuff going on, i think one of the best mixed down ones too, so far. feelin it
k - liking the kicks a lot, percussion is cool, quite cool, bit more out there i think
l - breaks are cool, real refreshing take.
m - cool, garagey vibe goin on here. wasnt 100% sold on the pads/background noises, might be a mixdown thing but i think i just dont like em.
n - alright, pretty cool ominous sounds etc, not sure if it all fitted together too well. seemed really compressed, i wanted a bit more room in the tune
o - wierd and trippy, wasnt feelin this one too much. a lot going on and it didnt fit too well together imo. actually liked the ending best because it had the cool synth and nice hard hitting drums,were a bit clearer than in the main tune


Decided to go for Kilo and Alpha in the end.

Kilo - whaaaaaat… :scream_cat:

So this prominent civil rights activist is wack? Harumph. Good day to you sir.



Alpha and Kilo here as well. Loved them both in terms of groove, sound design etc.

had to go alpha and beta, really liking the groove of beta.

Damn these are all really solid. I’m surprised how different most of these are tbh.

When I downloaded the samples I thought how the fuck can this be turned into an enjoyable tune. Listening to all these entries I guess I still have a lot to learn. Went for Kilo and Oscar

Nuff good tunes in here. I am going to vote tonight after I am off work and can listen better.