DUB TECHNO - A DSF Production Competition

That track is dope dude. I can see the site is slow, and no embed ye… so maybe a bit unsuitable for the compos. But definitely worth to check out.

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Did you DL mine Sleeps ?

I canny remember if i got a DL notification and wetransfer is only 3 days atm so can upp again if not

thanks mate yeah maybe soundcloud is better

Nooooooo lol

Didn’t @Phigure know something about embed protocols? :hmm:

Same. Even if my track is ass, I’ve learned a lot and gained a bit of a different perspective on making songs out of this


I did get it thanks

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I’m listening to a fuckton of Shed and Rod Modell thanks to this stupid comp lol.


yeah if he can make it compatible or something audius would be so much better


Mine keeps going techno ffs

5 days left

Remove 75% of any repeated sound.

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check out rod modell’s ghost lights album if you want something a bit less dub and more ambient, it’s so nice.

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Going to rest my ears and probably strip it out tomorrow. I got sidetracked making a grime track with a Flowdan acapella.

Rod Modell’s Sacred Geometry and Kettle Point have given me new hope.


I got sidetracked making a grime track with a Flowdan acapella.

can relate


i think mine is going to be worst i couldnt even make dub techno

wait what was that a joke about reverbs and delay earlier @sleeps ??

:lol_og: of course.
Don’t panic!!

This comp would be impossible without them

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No, absolutely serious m8. :disguised_face:

Watching this, think it’s the one cyc ref’d. Interesting shit. Seems like a nice fella.

The lack of humility of some of the audience members will not age well looool. Some of these guys are probably facepalming already.

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3 days left, starting fading out those reverbs

Not possible, I’m using Eventide’s Blackhole reverb lol.