Dubplate cutting

Best online website for getting dubplates cut?


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thank you

yeah transition are top imo. got them done in a few places but transition are worth the money.

A lot of people rave about the mastering jobs Beau at Ten Eight Seven mastering does, I’m assuming he does cutting as well?

got the few dubs I have from Dubstudio Bristol. can highly recommend them.


Anyone remember that thread that was posted a few months/weeks ago that was about a kickstarter for this portable mastering and pressing plant? It was also in Bristol and apparently Kahn uses it.

that was dubstudio

heard great things about them

they’re good, but i found my transition ones last better and track a bit better.

do they do international shipping?

if you’re in the states:

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DubStudio is great :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any experience with

Dubturbo got your dubs

Yes…I won’t say anything negative necessarily because I had a good experience with them professionally, but the sound left a bit to be desired to be frank. Hate to say it.

Thanks. I’ll probably save up a bit of money and go with dubstudio or transition

What are your guys philosophy to decide what tunes you cut? I’m trying to slowly load up my DJ bin with dubplates but its such a huge investment, I’m kinda scared I might regret cutting one tune over another.

Thoughts anyone?

My philosophy is simply tunes that i like which only got a digital release, or ones that are too much p on scogs but digis are available

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Pretty much the same for me. Our dubstep night is vinyl only so theres no other choice than cutting digi only releases.

I have them cut by a local fortunately. I don’t have to wait more than a few days and the price is really fair.


yes. jason knows. especially for the heavier stuff… loud but not squashed and overcompressed. heavy but not rumbling.