Dubstep albums

I see a lot of single tracks posted on here and understand the dub plate/unreleased side to dubstep culture.
Just wondering what people’s fave albums are. Mine are a bit obvious, burials untrue, mount kimbies first, beneaths album.

Which are yours?

Crooks & Lovers is getting a repress, thinking of copping.

I guess i’d say i’m feeling these when it comes to dubstepz

2562 - Aerial
Guido - Anidea
Author’s self titled album

oh, and My Demons


Massive fan of In Fine Style and To The Rescue by Horsepower Productions

Distance - Repercussions

Goth Trad - New Epoch

Vex’d - Degenerate (probs my favourite one)


F - Energy Distortion
Kromestar 's albums
Silkie - City Limits vol.1
Silkie - Fractals
Silkie - Panorama
Sukh Knight - Cheese Loueez
Dj Heny.g - Childhood
Goth-Trad - Psionics
L-Wiz (i dont remember the album title)


how tf did i forget Degenerate

as much as i like it tho, it kinda lacks that ‘album’ element imo

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Commodo - How What Time
Vex’d - Degenerate
Burial - first 2 albums

Does Commodo, Kahn & Gantz - Vol 1 count? More of an EP I suppose…

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In no particular order:

Burial - Untrue
Benga - Diary Of An Afro Warrior
Vex’d - Cloud Seed
Silkie - Panorama
Distance - Repercussions


Biggups on the suggestions!

This is going into a playlist abd my next weeks listening is sorted

Insta-cop. I got the maybes ep. The only tune I don’t like on crooks is the one with king krule. I’ve never caved with his style tho

Yeah I agree. Think in dubstep there’s quite a few albums that lack that cohesive album feel vs a bunch of tracks thrown together. Distance deffo does that well with his albums. I think Degenerate could flow a bit better if the tracks were in a different order but it mostly does feel like a collection of dancefloor bangers. Still sick though.

don’t think that one was on the album?

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L-Wiz - The Orange Tree?

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Yeh just checked your right.

Kryptic Minds - Cant Sleep

Kryptic Minds - One of Us

Author - Forward Forever -

Distance (Both Projects)

Cyrus - From the Shadows (Often overlooked, Not as technical producky wise as the above, but made for a system and dark room as cliche as that sounds) -

Silkie ‎– City Limits Volume 2

very hard to top those


3/4s of the way through this list. Loving degenerate, some distance stuff and hybrid minds.

Any further recommendations

@swerver @Hibbie @CreamLord @anyone-else

Anymore suggestions

not sure if it completely qualifies as dubstep but ital tek’s cyclical and midnight colour are good

also not quite dubstep but sorta (and not an lp) but slugabed’s ultraheat treated ep from the same era on planet mu is one i often go back to

i mean its 140 and it has bass so its dubstarp right?


Fuck yeah!!!
Any Ital Tek tbh

Epoch - Badminded
Peverelist - Jarvik Mindstate
Kami-o - Biren
Shackleton - The 3 EPs (not officially an album but may as well be one)
2562 - Unbalance
Pinch - Underwater Dancehall
Pinch & Shackleton LP
Rygby - Halcyon Days (not got round to listening to it yet but I’ve heard nothing but praise from people who’ve heard it)

I think people have already posted all the essential listens already


Most have been mentioned but for me 2562 - Ariel is my fav.
Dont’t think anyone has mentioned Headhunter - Nomad yet.


It’s up there with the original burial LP for top 5 dubstep albums of all time imo. Without giving it much thought I’d probably put it in my personal top 10 albums of all time as well

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