Dubstep is dead? Fuggoff!. Errr mate it died like 9 years ago


Not what i expected tbh, big tune!

Juss B- Vain/Sincity (Hatcha N-type) -Mary jane… Proper Dub

Feel like on a tune like this the bassline could do with more room to breathe via perc reduction, but yeah, good tune.

is a mashup u foo

clocked a lil late.

lol so dubstep is in fact dead then

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confused, nearly the entirety of new thelem tune then a mix into one other tune totaling 6 minutes…?

Fuck that! Dubstep will never die.

That’s quite a necrobump.

Dubstep died when MagneticMan started

dubstep may be long gone but I can never stop browsing DubStopForum lolll

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dubstepforum search “is dubstep dead”

Dubstep isn’t dead but this forum died a long time ago cos its stopped you from being able to log in lmao (if you registered via facebook)

skrem said dubstpe ded

@discobot fortune is dubstep dead

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:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

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shots fired

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What do people even mean that it’s dead?
Theres dubstep tunes being made, events being held, djs making mixes etc etc. It’s just another genre of music same as any other.