Early garage / Garage house 4x4 stuff


yeah he’s like og antisocial crew


the tune I found by accident that first introduced me to garage

what a fucking bangaa, tuff but vibey af

The switch towards the end is dope


Anything R.I.P. Productions, 24hr Experience, or Ordinary People gets my vote.


What’s that garage tracks that either Heny G or Silkie did titled strawberry something or other.

@kLuster_of_stars I know you know this one.


Some Social Circles for good measure.




this ones a percy ingle. my copy is completely battered now


nice todd esque





cant remember the last set i played where i didnt play this tune


oof thats a banger


got this off a speed garage collection CD i found in oslo

Kinda stupid but I used to be way into collecting CDs a couple years ago lol, didn’t wanna get soulseek but also didnt wanna cop expensive ass records all the time. CD comps have a lot of shit that isn’t on any digital stores actually, plus they’re cheap af. All the sick shops that would have mountains of 90s CDs for peanuts in em are closing now tho.

That CD also had this, which is 2step but god damn what a belter:


this, also very hard


just out of interest though, why do you want to own tunes if you aren’t a dj of any sorts? or do you listen to mp3s on the go or something


well I used to play sets on our student radio in glasgow

but basically I don’t love streaming shit cus you can’t have a complete collected catalog of whatever music you want, dealing with signing in and subscriptions, stuff disappears off the service and theres nothing you can do about it, etc. I have a 160gb ipod and its well worth even though I also have spotify

If you wanna listen to jungle not on vinyl you either have to rip off youtube, find CDs or find someone whos uploaded CDs.


soulseak is cool tho
just buggy

you can find the artist sometimes on there sharing - which is crazy
dont want to mention names


Anybody up for listening to me spin on DB9?

Thinking UKG and 90’s Garage.