Early garage / Garage house 4x4 stuff


im not that cool tbf :sunglasses::syringe:


You locked m8?

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rolling through right now



been rinsing the banana republic mix of this recently but cant find it on youtube


Keep bringin the gold djoe. That Too Blind one is deadly

nothing is as dope as oldskool garage

Is there much else about like Cape Fear btw? That type of darker but still raw and clubby 4x4


haha big ups.

yeah man. quite a lot of speed garage but stuff like GOD, Big Ang, 2 Deep, Baffled 2, Deep Cover, Scott Garcia. Urban Beat the label cape fear is on has a few EPs like it.

may have posted these already

this ones a classic

as is this

and this

bought this for a 5er at Rat records in Camberwell. just looked on discogs and someones put it up for 50 lol

TBH Cape Fear was a masterpiece. not many like it


got to post this as well. one of the best garage tunes ever

Well its a toss up between the original and the ramsey and fen remix


shit then this one too





this ones a classic

loungey start of the night one

nowhere near enough industry standard in this thread either


bang bang




For me, uploaded videos were interesting




edit and





had to bump again for this