EskiBoys + EskiGirls

Summer Mix/Mixtape, done in ableton, vague eski theme, grime, dubstep, funky etc, some of mine, some dubs, unreleased akito… letme know thoughts
tunes from @Jook @uk_blind @particle_jim @Gewze big up them man
Dj Mondie - Shower (Vocal)
Zomby - Strange Fruit
Benga - Pleasure
Nguzunguzu - Timesup (Kingdom Remix)
Jook - Lucy
Erin M-W - Tribute II
Dj Carbon Fiber - Blade Trak (Santa Muerte Remix)
Last Japan - Till Da Morning Comes Ft. D Double E
Erin M-W - Philaenis Handbook
Gramrcy - Ruffian (Bruce Remix)
Erin M-W - 14XU
Akito - Lighter x North London Edit
Erin M-W - They Say
Ill Blu - Dragon Pop
Zomby - Digital Fauna
Akito - Dragged & Dropped
Datsik - Katana (Erin M-W Remix)
MYTH - Empty Gaze
Plata - 1
MYTH - Ice Lab
Iglew - Sleep Lighter VIP
Plata - Kru (MssingNo Remix)
Sully - Concord (Banshee Remix)
Lewi White - Starship
Jammz - Hit Then Run (Jurango Remix)
MYTH - Golders Green
MYTH- Eski Prayer
MYTH - Coler
Peverelist - Roll With The Punches
D1 - Mucky
Zomby - Mush
Ikonika - Please
Darkstar - Lilyliver
Spokes - Ritalin (E.M.M.A Remix)
Loom - John Titor
Coki - Road Rage
Zomby - Gloop
Particle - Fruit Punch
Ribz - Shot To Get Paid
Erin M-W - Angel4
Digital Mystikz - Molten
Wiley - Morgue (Gewze Remix)
Erin M-W - who
Erin M-W - fUCKZ
Erin M-W - Locked
50 Cent Ft. Justin Timberlake - Ayo Technology
Station 2 Station
Zomby - Tears In The Rain (MYTH Remix)
Erin M-W - c u


big mix bruv. ahaha ive been rinsing ayo technology as well, riz’s skeng technology blend is a percy

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Downloading now, will listen at work tomorrow!

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gonna copy that rwtp->mucky blend you know.

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Would listen if I liked you, but I don’t

:wink: looking big though, gonna give it a listen tomorrow

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2 hours what in the fuck
and you upped the WAV!?

well fuck you buddy I have a bus to catch. Going to have to wait till monday

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lol ye don’t rip my tunes pagans, i couldn’t work out how to bounce in mp3 from ableton tbh, it’s set to wav automatically, took a v long time to bounce and upload 4 real

respect jook, was wondering about that tune but it fits the bloopy synthy vibe i was after so much and it leads in so perfectly to the second last section where i wanted it to feel like when you get a pirate station just move in on the legit frequency you were listening to, when in the car in london

do it jrkhnds, it turns out rwtp was no easier to mix when gridded out in front of me haha, would have liked to stretch out with the blends a bit more but that would have cost me my sanity

lol tried to make a zip and put it on sendspace for quicker dl but file size is too big

Sick to see someone still spinning zombys more psychedelic dub stuff, if i got a gig somewhere would probably play most of his dubstep bits out tbh.

i’m a real fan of the marmite masked maverick

All about Rumours & Revelations, Spliff Dub, Mu5h, The Lie… They always go down a treat.


If its still a wav ima kick off u know.

Edit: I should ban you for this ffs. haha Take the file and put it in audacity and export as 320 for future reference

i’ll do u a dubplate mp3

gimme a minute

if i sendspace it would people prefer a zip or not

haha either

upload 320 to zippyshare. faster download speeds. :wink:

audacity in it’s infinite wisdom has chosen 128 : /

Good enough for Rinse

not good enough for my fans, doing it again in 320

20 minutes time it’ll be done haa