Excision Vs. Datsik Vs. Downlink

The three are quite closely linked, but which is your favourite, including your favourite track by them?

My favourite is Excision with Execute:

Hope OP is a troll.

Save our scene.

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Don’t see bro in the forum title name doe.

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So longer it’s not slander I don’t see the problem.

I’m not into datsik that much. Excision is top notch but some of his soft vs hard music sucks. Downlink has been putting some bangers in the 87 range recently.

Excision is probably my favorite right now.

@kruptah I never ever heard a “bro” listen to excision only nerds and geeks like that shit

You saying excision ain’t brostep?

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I’m saying that brostep is an inaccurate term… From what I recall, it was a joke coined by some person on the old forum.


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Ye I know, but it’s basically become like a catch all term for “that kind of dubstep” even if it is inaccurate. Point is it’s pretty obvious what people mean when they brostep


Lovers rock isn’t only listened to by lovers

Its all bro

and its all shit

we know this, its nothing new, we were having this conversation 4+ years ago, move along.


I thought this was about a SIK WOBS KOLLAB like commodo gantz and kahn

Datsik - Fathom

Downlink - Ignition

Excision - Subsonic

Who cares what its called, its all bass music.

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it is all music with bass, that’s what i would agree on. but that simply is not enough to put it in the same corner. but as it was said already :

does this count as brostep? :badteeth:

sub rattler

Didn’t they form some dubstep metal group at one point



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