External Effects Boxes

Can anyone help me understand wiring up the Benidub Digital echo box on a hifi system?

With lockdown Ive been listening to a lot more music in the living room and have been trying to recreate a West Indian Centre style vibe musically because I miss it.

Id like to add an echo box box to my set up so I can mess around with what’s playing and not loose sound when I flip the records over and play the version. (currently I’m recreating an echo manually with my mouth when while I’m putting the next record on - but its just not the same)

From what i can tell it just needs to be connected after the pre amp so
Turntable → preamp → benidub → amp → speakers.

What I’m worried about though is losing the stereo sound. The instructions say I need a mono 1/4" adapter but on the item specs it says it is TRS compatible and its got me confused.
Can anyone help?

Looks like it’s mono in and out on the benidub, you have ur decks connected to a mixer right?

I would go turntable > mixer > fx send left/right (stereo) RCA to 1/4" mono jack > benidub input

Then benibub output > 1/4"mono Jack to stereo RCA > mixer fx return

You will lose stereo because the benidub is mono, but the signal will be mixed with the dry stereo output of the mixer anyway

The sockets are TRS but just ‘balanced mono’ not stereo

Been looking at this unit for a while too as it goes, sounds amazing from the videos I’ve seen


Thanks, makes sense the mono signal is then mixed with the stereo.

I’ve not got a mixer hooked up as I’m only using one turntable there. I was hoping I could just wire it in directly. But you’ve answered my question.

The ninja tune zen delay looks like it offers stereo. I might have a better look into that.


just keep doing this imo


kind of interested in getting some hardware fx like verb or delay to run into my mixer. probably some pedals, ive heard good things about the strymon stuff. if anyone has suggestions of cool ones to check out I’m all ears

grab a cheap lexicon rack unit from Reverb imo, so fun and they sound pretty good.

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The Zen Delay is so sick, I def recommend one of those. A powerful unit, sounds amazing and being able to use the Delay, Drive, or Filter separately (or combined together) is really nice.

For cheap n cheerful reverb units too a Lexicon rack as mentioned, or Zoom Studio 1201 or something. Or more pricey then the Strymon Big Sky is really nice.

Another unit worth looking into is the Vermona Retroverb Lancet, has a spring reverb in it and analogue filters, distortion, LFO etc. I’m close to copping one of them, looks wicked to use on the mixer send for dubbing/performance, and for general music production. I think Vivek and Egoless both have one in their studio’s too which is a good sign!


Nice, been looking for an affordable spring reverb.

Thinking of getting this for my new set up.
Looks cheap and cheerful

It’s either that or this (but I’m not sure it will work. Can’t see how the looping would work on the fly )

I had the TC electronics one a couple of years ago, it was good but from what I’ve read it’s probably worth paying the extra for the Roland echo pedals.

I always found it a bit fiddly and could never quite get the sound I wanted out of it

Ok yeah just looking at a few videos and this one actually looks bang on

Cheers @Scroll_Lock

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What are you using it for?

FX when mixing. Want some looping and delay FX as the mixer I ended up getting (first choice was discontinued) doesn’t have them but has send and return.
I’ve spunked so much money on this new set up it’s obscene.


I have shit loads of guitar pedals, can i hook them up to my mixer then??

If it has send and return outputs and inputs on the back of the mixer then yeah. What mixer you got?

Formular Sound, yeah it does. Might experiment a bit nex time then!


Good luck man !!

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Get a guitar and start a band.

Right. Thinking of taking the plunge considering I’m not going to be travelling anywhere for the next few years. May as well be extra happy at home.
Only thing that’s putting me off is wiring things up. Can anyone help to point me in the right direction for what cable I need for these?

It looks like you’d use one of these L + R connected to the Aux out on the mixer, going to the input on the benidub, then another one from the output of the benidub to the L + R Aux return on the mixer

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