Favorite record label?

I decided to make this new topic because I’m bored. Anyways, what is your favorite record label? Mine would have to be Macabre Unit Digital.


End thread

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dubstep speaking - deep medi - consistently good (apart from that shite roni size remix lol)

(defunct aussie pre - breakcore biz )

or mu

(i cant remember what my actual lables name is :cornlol: no google)

favs for dubstep:
skull disco, woe to the septic heart, innamind, hessle, zamzam, livity sound.

if i’d had to choose 1 i’d take skull disco.

Redshift One, Hatched, Deep Medi, DMZ, Apple Pips, Hessle, Innamind, Blackbox (RIP), Encrypted, Big Apple, Tempa, many more tbh

Chestplate obv too

depends on whether we’re talking records you love or just sheer number of records owned but lol counted about 30 or so labels i’d consider favourites

so for dubstep, garage & related: Skull Disco, Hyperdub, Locked On, Hessle Audio, Tempa (up until 2010 maybe 2011), DMZ, Ghost, Planet Mu (they release loads of other types of electronic music but imo their dubstep/grime/post-dubstep records are their best still)

techno: Downwards, Ostgut Ton, Sandwell District, Perlon, Modern Love, Chain Reaction

jungle & dnb: No U-Turn, Metalheadz (mostly their 90s stuff tho), Moving Shadow, Source Direct, Reinforced, Freak, Tech Itch, Droppin Science, early RAM

random shit (from more “experimental”-leaning electronic music to straight up harsh noise): Hospital Productions, Mille Plateaux, Blackest Ever Black, Raster-Noton, Editions Mego, Recollection GRM, PAN, Subtext, The Death Of Rave, Posh Isolation, Janushoved

hardcore, metal etc: Deathwish Inc., Relapse, Southern Lord, Hydra Head, Daymare, Earache (mostly their 90s output tho), Moonfog, Blue Swan, Rise


Ital and six6six


Tri Angle has been consistently great the past few years so I’d consider that a fav


Took a line in Malia.

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to show Headhunter I was kool

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If we’re saying strictly dubstep then System probably, they are killing it with every release… Deep Medi and Tempa are obviously the two legendary labels with a lot of history but both are already past their prime imo and have released some not so great records last couple of years.

Got to give a shout out to Tectonic as well, even though there’s some releases I’m not mad about.

Aquatic Lab is underrated imo

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Chestplate, Innamind, Deep Medi, Artikal Musik, Nebula Music Group


Crucial Recordings deserves a mention