Favourite Grime Instrumentals




Yh for sure, I like it a lot now I can drop it and gunfinger along in my bedroom though!

Watch out for this one in the remixes minimix comp

I’m going on a hype ting


that one is bad boi, been meaning to get the og one for tiiiime it’s cheap on discogs by grime standards

u heard that saved soul version with the south park intro

tho the original ‘music saved my life’ is one of my favourite intros in any genre to a tune


Ha no never heard that before.

The grime record I keep meaning to buy cos it’s not that expensive is this

Just never do it for some reason


Great tune.

Mixes well into this:

Vocal version though.


everyone in this thread should cop this record, bare cheap on discogs, and good old days on the other side-classic ruff sqwad production and good vocal

posted this more for the instrumental, couldn’t find it without the vocal on youtube but it’s wicked and great fun to mix



last tune in this mix http://blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.ro/2005/07/keysound-radio.html ?

Blackdown said…
the Dizzee track is from the Boy in Da Corner sessions, but will never see the light of day because Dizzee doesn’t like it or think it’s finished. I tried to sign it to Run the Road 1 but he refused.


think i got this one on old laptop, one of my favourite 140 radio sets ever ever ever, lightz se25, qawwali, creeper, that target and riko one and of course the dizzee one

that mixture of grime and dubstep in this and kode9 sets is my favourite, > all grime or all dubstep for me


This one still

still dunno the name or who was on the buttons for this either.



wooooaaaaaaah ye mr postman wub wub wub


haven’t seen any copies for sale in the past year tho :unamused:


This gets me PUMPED


Mg GF bloody loves function on the low, yesterday I even caught her humming it while washing up…


Well it is a percy


the yats love functions

masterA i was listening to that ep the other day, tools so big was doing it for me

this one tho

:shower: :shower: :shower:

and here’s imp batch on come dine with me!!!


What you know about the flip to Oh Yes tho



it’s beautiful.

man all the shit in here i need to cop swiftly, trying to hold off and see if there’s a bit party at the end of exams so i got en excuse to splash $$ on heat


Anyone seen this?

Shit imo for the most part, all the expected & most obvious tunes & bars & wheels. Wtf is Logan doing when the others are trying to mix too get out the way ffs mate

Altho if you read the comments apaz Maniac’s about halfway thru @rkm



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-get drowned in a canal