Favourite Grime Instrumentals



Was looking for Turbo Shandy, but could only find the flip side:



This can go in here. Cant find a damn youtube link tho

(vocal is also A++)



Catchy tune…chchickahhhh…chchickahhhh…chchickahhhh…chchickahhhh

Not to mention the melody that repeats through out the song…can’t repeat that one into text, sorry.


i would fucking love to txt grime g244 to that number and get shangooli as my ringtone tbh

lol the spelling on this video


this always gets me gassed (and the spyro remix)




been meaning to post trim and scratch in the vocal thread, jammer-dungeon is so grrrrrr

got u ain’t ready on another ep but it’s got some terrible vocal about west london mcs repping east london, really ruins a sick beat

this on the flip though more than makes up for it


lol yeah i got that ep too. terrible vocal indeed

that’s a different version of u aint ready. the one i posted i mean; from the vision ep. think it’s better than the og imo


:bazooka: :bazooka:


Solace EP by Dark0 forthcoming on Rinse, releasing on June 15. Excited to hear more about this. I’ve been hooked on his productions since the Sweet Boy EP and he’s always made waves ever since.


yeah looking forward to this!
really don’t get Rinse’s output lately though, it really seems as though they just put out whatever comes up without any sense of cohesion. Murlo, Sunless97, XXXY, Billon, now DJ Haus and Dark0? not that they’re bad releases - at all -, just seems completely random


you were probably looking for Glassy/Weightless Grime


was just about to post the preview there along with some other tingz


oh yeah, my bad



(for the guy that posted silo pass)

(and yeah this is a vocal but complete percy)