Female music producers?

Just interested on peoples opinions when it comes to female music producers, why is it there is such an imbalance when it comes to men/women producing on DAWs. I don’t want to offend anyone or come off as sexist or anything I’m just curios as to why there’s such an imbalance (if people believe there is…) Is it just that a DAW can seem daunting and uninteresting? I’ve heard a few tracks by Fatima Yamaha that are decent for instance ‘whats a girl to do’… worth checking out. I do wonder what the deal with Hannah Wants is, lots of people say that she has people Ghost write for her… opinions on that also would be interesting, lastly, sorry if I offend anyone, it’s not intentional, if I have it’s either due to lack of research or me not wording this very well.

its because women struggle with logic and reason

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People discrediting female producers for having ghosts would be stupid because loads of male producers have several ghosts.
I think it’s got more to do with computers though, which in turn has more to do with maths and science; subjects where women are underrepresented. That’s all changing though, which I think is good. Dunno how long it’ll take, but soon every producer based congregation in a dingy club with loud speakers will have as many, if not more, women as men.
Night Slugs are very outspoken about this issue, but I’m not aware of them working with any women, directly. Excluding the stuff fade to mind have put out, but even that was entirely male produced.

Just simply that men on average could be more interested in DAWs and music production. Notice when there are fields where women outnumber men, nobody complains about the gender imbalance.

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Not true. A friend of mine recently started a magazine because he’s a literature student and not enough males are open enough about emotionality and insecurity. I think it’s different though, that instead of saying something should be done, a guy seems likely to get up and do something about that. Though that’s another issue of society in and of itself.

That’s cos the male dominated fields are often the ones that give you power/importance/money.

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also one half of nguzunguzu and at the same time one sixth(?) of future brown is a lady

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When you put it that way, it reminds me that when I left high school for uni, I knew girls who were quite open about the fact that they were going to uni to find prospectively rich husbands. Obviously I think that’s fucked up, but I doubt that many guys could honestly get away with saying the same thing you know.

I think it’s more that it’s unfeasable than unacceptable tbh

I don’t disagree with that. Though I don’t doubt that it happens though, not even saying it’d be particularly unwise to do so. Just that given the commonness of the social precept which suggests that men ought to be providers, it’s less likely to be something people wouldn’t react more negatively to hearing about. Not saying I’d do more if I heard a guy say it, but when those girls told me about it I only cringe-laughed.
It’s a dumb precept though, and I think it’s at least partially to blame for a lot of what we’ve collectively discussed in this thread.

There are tons of female producers and DJs. Just many don’t get the same notoriety as their male counterparts due to heavily engrained sexism or a perception that women need to be hot in order to be famous or popular, of course there could be other reasons that’s just my opinion.

Please do name a few, let’s see how much longer my list of male DJs is.

Did you read when I said “many don’t get the same notoriety”? So…by that logic, obviously the list of male DJs is going to be longer.

I’m not sexist in any way so don’t get me wrong when I say this but…

I know of 4 female dubstep producers…and like 3 of them are pretty shit probably at or below my level of producing. Those 3 really seem to be more interested in modeling than producing but still get hella shows in their scene.

Christine Clements (Vaccine), Tokimonsta, Reid Speed, Fka twigs, Grimes, all are producers, if I’m not mistaken. Just as an example.

For some reason there seems to be a lot more DnB female producers than female dubstep producers. Especially in america.

I think you do us both a disservice by assuming we only know of DJs of high notoriety.
I’m pretty sure that FKA twigs doesn’t produce. I only looked up production credits for one of her tracks, but it wasn’t to her at all.

Stop talking about levels, lol.