Female music producers?


I didn’t mean to imply high notoriety, I just meant any kind of notoriety at all, I’m talking about bedroom producers, and artists just beginning to break through.

And tbh I don’t really know FKA twigs music I just heard she was a producer from a friend, I should have researched her more.


Production is typically a nerdy pursuit. Boys are more inclined to get heavily involved with nerdy pursuits than girls are.

Same reason there is a gender bias in STEM majors.


Fatima Yamaha is male


Inb4 someone says ikonika


also fatima al qadiri I was certain there was a bloke behind that moniker but turns out she’s actually an immigrant from actually middle east who burning oil wells and video games have had a profound effect on. p cool imo.

also jessy lanza. and actually fka twigs has produced a lot of her tracks so dont try to put her down


My bad, I tried searching for clarification before I posted and it brought up mostly pictures of a woman.


It also has to do with the fact


I’m surprised OMFG didn’t come up yet. C;


Nobody put her down.


well tbh u did try to discredit her for her productions


She definitely didn’t produce the one track I looked up, but w/e.


Oh? which one? Sorry but https://soundcloud.com/animemeish/meish-sooner-or-later-long-demo <—This was intended to be a joke not spam.


I used to sell computers at the Apple store for over two years, and I honestly think I have some insight into why there aren’t as many female producers. Not as many women are interested in producing. In my sales experience, most people who bought weren’t looking to produce in general, men and women alike. However, being a producer myself I always asked people if they intended to do something creative with their computers. I got a lot of varying answers. What I found was that out of the people who bought for creative reasons, the majority were people who wanted to do graphic design. This was a lot more equitable, with seemingly 60% of designers being male, and 40% being female. When it came to music, there was a really interesting dichotomy. Almost all the dudes who were getting computers for music were trying to be the next Skrillex. I honestly think that’s because the guys who got famous here in the US first were male and it’s easy for a little boy to relate to. However, the girls who bought for music purposes were a lot more interested in recording audio. They were primarily singer/songwriter types, wishing to get a decently fast computer and a USB mic to start trying to record themselves. I honestly believe this is because women respond more to music with lyrics than guys do. This has been scientifically proven. (it’s also why girls really get off on dirty talk in bed, also a fact, google it haha). Women respond more emotionally to words than men do on an instinctual level, so it makes perfect sense to me that girls who grow up wanting to make music would be much more heavily influenced by music with lyrics. This really stands to reason imo when you see that the most successful female dj/ producing acts in the world make very vocal heavy tracks. I honestly believe it’s much less sexism in the industry, and a lot more gender based predisposition. The female producers out there who do make primarily bass and percussion heavy tracks absolutely kill it and have legions of fans, so i don’t think it has anything to do with discrimination. It may have a tad to do with forced gender roles, but i really believe the idea that women respond more to music with lyrics is the largest factor. It’s why counrty music is so popular amongst ladies, and why girls can’t get enough T-swift even though she’s been writing the same song for 10 years now.


your theory overlooks the fact that the vast majority of rap listeners are male

50cent too has been writing the same song for 10 years now


i definitely see that, and am not intending to sound sexist, however if you look at female artists who are commercially successful, the vast majority are making music with lyrics because their primary demo is young girls and girls respond more to lyrics, that much is proven. my main contention is that men are also a lot more willing to try and fail. girls are a lot more practical. I swear I have had this conversation with countless female customers all on their way to university who said they were interested in producing, but it was a lot of work and they didn’t have time to divert from their studies to learn something so difficult. Men on the other hand really didn’t seem to care haha. i know it’s extreme generalization, but it’s the best answer i can come up with without consulting a pew chart haha. good point though, I do see that hole in my logic.


How is this proven? I know plenty of women That get down hard to instrumental electronic music


I’m inferring a bit, but here’s my source http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9041858. the thing that is proven is that the language receptors in the human brain are more plentiful and larger in women’s’ brains than men’s. studies have proven that because of this, women often achieve orgasm more easily and more effectively with the addition of verbal stimulation. I know we’re talking about music and not sex, but in theory it seems that lyrical content could have a similar effect. only my two cents, again it’s not like I’m a scientist, this is just speculation based on this one study I’ve read. I know plenty of girls similar to what you’re referring to as well, we go to shows together. it doesn’t mean every girl behaves the same, but on average this is the trend, that’s all i meant. it’s also proven that women’s brains process language a lot more quickly than men do, often allowing them to recover speech capabilities more quickly after suffering the same brain trauma that would leave a man without speech functions for years. basically all I’m saying is that there’s a lot of science out there that shows women respond to verbal cues better and more effectively than men


Scientifically, if you collect a large and good enough set of data, you can use it to support or disprove any hypothesis. This is perhaps a little less accurate and valid of a process in the social sciences, imho, but basically you can prove or disprove any statement with the ‘right’ data.


very true. this is just purely my opinion based on personal experience and a study i read once. it’s not very scientific imo haha


I think it’s just a seal that needs to be broken.

I’m just waitin for a female excision-type to sort of come along and that’ll do it imo