Female music producers?


Dunno how well you can see, but there was an event at my uni yesterday with a female DJ, I was in a hurry so I didn’t stop and say hi, but yeah. She’s a student and probably is involved with radio, so I may meet her soon and I’ll post again if it turns out she produces too.


It shouldn’t matter if the producer is male, female, black, white, gay, straight etc. It shouldn’t matter at all.

If you want a female excision-type producer, the music won’t be any different than if there’s a male excision-type producer and this is the thing; why do we care that there are more male producers than female? Likewise why would we care if there were more female producers than male producers?

And before you say money, dubstep producers from the UK, jungle producers, dnb producers, even deep house producers probably don’t get that much money, sure maybe it’s healthy to live on, but they’re not going to get £60k a year, maybe £40k max I bet, unlike club producers - cheesy edm, all that club music is probably where the money is, and let’s face it, edm music changes all the time, so the money won’t last long when the next edm fad hits and new producers swarm in.

Money in music really comes from singers. Singer/Songwriters and trust me, there are plenty of women doing that.


It’s an issue of equality, imo. If they’re in equal numbers then the industry as a whole becomes a more equitable one. What’s more is that music is at least in principle for everyone, so people of all kinds of backgrounds, colours, and genital forms, should be contributing in approximately equal measure. There’re also more women than men on earth, so it stands to reason that there ought to be more in the industry than there are at the moment.
Obviously there’s nothing we can do to force women to participate, but we wouldn’t stand to lose anything if more of them did. Plus, it’d be more fun, and seem significantly less geeky, to go to small nights if there were more girls there tbh.


If you think girls can’t look and be geekier than guys, you are surely mistaken and what’s to say the girls that are going won’t look like and like guys as well, and if that happens, surely it wouldn’t make it anymore fun, plus I thought these small nights were more about the music, not having fun with women or men if that’s your angle if you know what I’m saying.

Trust me, being in a “club” mixed gendered social group, they don’t make it more fun, you’ve got to be careful, like I accidentally knocked one of my girl friend’s phone out of her hand and the screen smashed on the floor and you’ve got to watch what you say.

Most girls I know would rather go to big clubs anyway, like we went to a club that quoted by them was “dead” and it was roughly the amount of people who would go to a small night out.

I’ve noticed a lot more guys go to clubs just for the music than girls do.


That’s not what I said, or a particularly logical conclusion given any of my statements. And I’m not about to accept a series of hypothetical situations as a suitable rebuttal of real statements. Try again if you’d like though.

It’s possible to enjoy music and people’s company at the same time.


Mate I think you want girls at small nights for more reasons than you’re letting on. :wink:


Don’t see how my interests would go outside of enjoying people’s company tbh, but whatever.


The irony of a bunch of guys debating why there isn’t enough female producers on a relatively niche forum of a relatively niche genre. Do we even have any female members left? emma video games was the last one I can think of that posted


go to large clubs or nights out and on some occasions girls can outnumber boys at least 2/1


What school is this? It’s in ny?


ch3 is here and I remember ema posted fairly recently, but yeah where are the gyal dem? Even BM split.


Two Documentaries Introduce Delia Derbyshire,
the Pioneer in Electronic Music



I don’t see it as prejudice holding them back. We live in an egalitarian society when it comes to gender these days- also don’t think it’s a lack of talent as everyone starts off on an equal footing whether girl or boy and plus there’s some fiyah female producers/DJs


Except that they’re sexualized automatically by dudes; their looks come into play in ways that wouldn’t for men, and dismissiveness over “aw look, how cute, a girl” or if she makes a mistake “typical chick shit” - nobody says “typical dude shit” when a male DJ trainwrecks, for example.

Talk to some women in the scene for the real perspective. Sexism exists. Is it the sole factor in this whole thing? Probably not. But it’s big.


Hmm yeah you’re right I guess- but it’s refreshing to see women break down the barriers and let the talent do the talking…


u bang doe?


IMO you have to be at rock bottom socially before you decide to spend all day and night on a computer making weird noises so you can play at some shady event for no money or fame…and most females will never get that low.


It’s true…

And it sucks, but the larger dynamic of sexuality is admittedly a bit lopsided.

The ugliest woman in town can still get laid almost any time she desires; the ugliest man, meanwhile, can’t even find someone he can pay to fuck him.

Nonetheless: genital configuration has nothing to do with music in the end, only the identity politics of the artists who make the music. I think just as we’re seeing the rise of gamer girls more and more, we’ll probably see a female-driven counterpoint to all the macho hoohaa. That’s why I appreciate artists like Holly Herndon or Blevin Blectum - they transcend the whole debate by just making incredible, smart, insightful art and folding the discussion into their work instead of trying to take a position and force it down our throat.


I feel like a lot of people don’t start with this in mind though. Like, that comes later when you figure out what kind of music you’re tryna make and that.


Ikonika to co-operate a girl’s only production workshop
UK mandem, tell ya gal pals.