Female music producers?


although the mr. wise remix is better




Beyonce is a good producer = end thread

It’s a misunderstanding that electronic music has less women than music in general.
There’s almost no women in music overall. The ones that there are, are front or lead singers (some leads are naturally female - similar to an orchestra instruments range with soprano and barritone or whatever - that sort of logic).
But music has been considered a mans job like how chefs are mostly men in recent culinary history.

Electronic music is actually where theres the most women in music if you count the entire period. Because the evolution in electronic music runs along the evolution in tech and during its infancy there where more women that were programmers than men, because programming was in part an assistents job to begin with.

Just like that lady up there^
It’s like the telephone lady at the telephone station was the OG kraftwerk. Modular calls. Traffic sequencing.
Gangster bitches like her:

Happy 99th birthday Katherine Johnson, NASA mathematician who calculated the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission https://t.co/aay2OKlxev pic.twitter.com/f04GIFINDU

— Dr Paul Coxon (@paulcoxon) 25. august 2017
imo lol

I met this lady back in the day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Else_Marie_Pade
Just noticed she went to my school and where born in my city.



Laurie Spiegel finally getting a proper release decades later.

Her working methods are amazing - she makes a lot of her own gear, loves re-appropriating “obsolete” hardware…