Female music producers?


Would love to see something like this where I live.

Both of my kids (a girl and a boy) are going to know ADSR and waveform basics by the time they’re 10, though. :wink:


Autism is far more common among males than females.


As is serial murder.


and dicks


We’re not talking about Bangkok bruv…



As a plus to my depression induced producing theory… I knew a female bass producer who made a lot of good music. And she basically mentioned several times that shes in a literal social hole with no foreseeable way out…combined with no employment and sitting on the computer most of the day.


Eva 808 is showing a lot of male producers how to do things atm




she’s also pretty peng :badteeth:


please stop objectifying women :crying_cat_face: :crying_cat_face: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


To the heads who didn’t understand why this was a good thread, here’re some more viewpoints on the matter.




Me. I’m female.
Working as a DJ.

and studying about producing, seriously.

It’s harsh life and not easy to be understandable.
I’ve actually thought about giving this up in dead of night… ( think this lots of times, actually )

Fight with deep solitude… indeed.


when ur a dj

no one can hear u cry

over the beats


no time to cry on the decks.

and , no djs can hear u what ur saying (request.)


some1 requested the hokey pokey to me the last party i played

& then didnt understand that serato wont let me play any song i decide to type into it lol





Stay strong fam. If you don’t wanna quit your degree in the dead of night, you’re doing it wrong.