Foamplate (SYSTEM/Crucial/Well Rounded/Plantpower)


link for the site? hard to search for tbh



The free dub ‘Conflict’ is a good un, I’ve heard it in a mix somewhere before (actually at around 11:40 in that mix up there ^^^ Foamplate (SYSTEM/Crucial/Well Rounded/Plantpower) ) defo cutting this if it don’t get released.


Yeah, have heard him, and others, play it multiple times - really nice bridging tune with a smooth paste and feel.

I actually hit up Foamy yesterday about getting it cut, and he was fine with it.


did he say whether it might be released at some point? Don’t really want to cut it if it will be available at some point


Nah, he didn’t. And I didn’t ask tbh…


Fuzz got a repress…already sold out on redeye…some on whitepeach…still Foamsters best release imho


Copped that one when it released 2+ years ago. Both sides are still bangers. Still gutted I missed 7.5 though. And his System 12". And every other release from him, plus like 5 other System releases…


@krytikal no idea if still active but big up!


this is a very large release, every track is solid


Always lurking bro, big up!


Thanks a lot man!


Ayy man like, didn’t clock this was you

New plantpower up for pre order