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Great for beginners especially, or anyone needing a brushup.

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Now things are getting interesting! LFOs and modulation will take your drone-like synth sounds and turn them into a lush world of wobbly, trembling laser noises. Want to get your music bumping and jumping? Learn to manipulate your sound with LFOs.

By the end of this course, you will know how to make your patches more interesting and dynamic by applying various forms of modulation to your sound. What are you waiting for?


Do you want a hard-hitting staccato sound, or a longer evolving texture? Envelope generators give you the ability to control your patches and parameters over time.

In this installment, we’ll break down the controls of envelope generators, discuss how to make the most of these modules, and generate the sounds you hear in your head! Bleep bloop wub wub wub.

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via @komanderkin /BPB:

Pro Audio Essentials online music production course by iZotope

iZotope has launched Pro Audio Essentials, a completely free online music production course and educational tool for beginner music producers and audio engineers.
Pro Audio Essentials is (at least to my knowledge) a unique offering at the moment, because it provides both the educational content and practicing tools, completely free of charge. There are definitely more than a few excellent music production tutorials and guides out there, however iZotope’s new PAE platform lets you learn and practice your new skills in one place. It provides the means to learn the basics of digital audio by watching a series of informative video tutorials and then put your knowledge to test in the exercise section of the website.


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