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Cybernetik Mayhem - Sample Pack [844 MB] - free download!

Cybernetik Mayhem Samplepack - by Cybernetika

  • October 2008 -

Compressed Size: 480 MB

Uncompressed Size: 844 MB

Sample format: 44.100-48.000khz / 16 bit .WAV

Download link (right click, save as):

These are the best samples I used in my released or unreleased tracks.
This Sample Pack is focused on Dark & Cybernetic Sounds for
Psytrance, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Dark Ambient & IDM.

Feel free to use them in your tracks, these samples are 100% free to use
however you like to use them. Please give me some credit if you use
them and like them.

The samples are organized in 5 categories:


Dark Neurofunk Basses and Reeces, and some trance bass sounds.

Pads & Atmos:

Nightmare pads & post-apocalyptic ambient soundscapes.


Robotic Future FX, mostly one shot samples.

Psy Riffs & Sequences:

Mind-bending leads, FM assaults, acid sequences

Percussion Loops:

Digital Drumloops, from technoid to glitchy.


Lars aka Cybernetika


free stuff

Thermionic Solid State Drums - Free Demo Pack: This is a small taste of what is available in Thermionic Solid State Drums. 106 x 24 bit wavs - 16 MB download.

MPC60 vs VolcaBeats - Free drums: This pack contains 89 x 24 bit wav drums. Created using a Volca Beats sampled by the MPC60 12bit sampler. 8 MB download.

Goldbaby vs FXpansion - Free
drums: This pack contains 60 x 24 bit wav drums and 3 Rex loops. Created
using FXpansion plug-ins: Tremor, Maul, Etch and DCAM Dynamics. 15 MB

PPG Wave 2.2 Free - Synth
sounds: This pack contains 3 programs sampled through analog hardware
and then mapped to Kontakt 4 and Logic’s EXS-24. 75 MB download.

Wurlitzer Side Man - Drum
Samples and Rex Loops: This is possibly the first ever
commercially-produced drum machine! 36 x 24 bit drum samples and 12 x
Rex loops. 23 MB download.

Blofeld Drums - This little
synth is a marvel of German engineering. Having a lot fun with this
lovely instrument… so I thought I’d share some synth drum sounds I
have created with it. 66 x 24 bit wavs. 8 MB download.

TapeDP50 - This is a free sample pack of drum sounds from the 1980s Technics DP50. Given some tape love! 5 MB download.

Hapi vs Xylophone - This free
sampled instrument was created by layering a Hapi Tank Drum and a
Xylophone. It has a lovely bell like tone and I thought it was worth
sharing! EXS24 and Kontakt. 54 MB download.

The Cassette808 - How’s this for retro and old school. These samples were created by recording the TR808 drums onto cassette!
21 x 24 bit wavs (with Maschine kits) 4 MB download.

The TapeVermona - An interesting and rare German drum machine gets some tape love… 142 x 24 bit wav (drum hits) 10 MB download

The DMX606 - Take a TR-606 and
sample it using a Prommer… then burn some EPROMs and install them on a
DMX. Crunchy 606! 74 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits). 5 MB download

The TapeTonic - The fantastic µTonic by Sonic Charge get the tape treatment. 21 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits). 5 MB download

MG-1 vs Audio Damage - Synth FX sample pack made using a Moog MG-1 and Audio Damage FX Plug-ins 37 x 24 bit wav synth fx 25 MB download

The Tape TR66 - Rolands lovely 70’s analog drum machines given some tape love… 113 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits). 13 MB download

Tape MR16 - An obscure drum machine from Korg gets the tape treatment… 80 x 24 bit wav (Drum hits). 9 MB download

Cheetah MD16 - British drum machine from the early 90s. Plenty of grit! 102 x 24 bit wav drum samples. 4.2 MB download

SP1200 vs MBase1 - The Mbase Analog Bass Drum machine sampled through the SP-1200 25 x 24 bit wav drum samples. 2 MB download

The Fat H3500 - The famous
Eventide effect unit can actually be played like an instrument. This
time recorded through a UBK Fatso! 24 bit multi sampled instruments…
For Kontakt and EXS24. 49 MB download

ValveDR220e - Free drums: This pack contains 44 x 24 bit wav drums. Created using a vintage 80s drum machine through valve gear. 9 MB download.


Large up for this!

You know anywhere to get sampler instrument’s for EXS24 for example?


I have a couple of free samplepacks of my own. Nothing major, but I hope you guys can get some use out of them.

Tekvision samplepack 1 (48 files, 46.55 MB):

Tekvision samplepack 2 (49 files, 46.57 MB), and the preview for what’s in it:

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boulder sounds is a secret weapon for real but you have to look around yourself because they changed their site a bit

but just google esx24 and free or something !

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[size=20]Low Fi and Cassette Drum Breaks[/size]

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haha I thought of you when i read that post and then forgot to link

cool !

Big up the man like Komanderkin… the most recent BPB has some good atmospheric/cinematic freebies.

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Anybody know some good free world/tribal drum packs. I’ve sound some okish ones and some decent loops that I’ve cut up but most of it is pretty meh.

Get a free sampled drum kit made in a spacecraft test facility

Last November, I went armed with some LOM label microphones to the Netherlands to find out what sounds you could discover in a space research facility. That exploration produced a lot of sounds, and one way to play with them was to transform them into percussion. Now you can download the drum kit I made for your own use, or to create your own instruments.

The recordings all come from the European Space Agency’s European Space Research and Technology Centre. This is the sprawling facility on the coast of the Netherlands where most of the satellites and spacecraft ESA launches are tested (along with the materials testing and other research that supports them).

There’s shakers made from the sound of gravel crunching under the wheels of a prototype Mars rover, the bass drum made from a giant sound system that can produce the volume of noise a rocket launch wood, the pop of a nitrogen valve inside a materials test facility, and more. In Live, I added some effects you can tweak via macros. Of course, maybe you can do better – that’s great. These are Creative Commons licensed, so with the proper credits, you can make your own kits from the samples here or the original recordings and send them our way.

+Holy shit…

Can anybody who has this post a one shot? Hapi_vs_Xylophone_001.wav

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orig from here

column on the left

some stuff i’ve found on the internet…

Rim shots…

Pretty much every drum machine ever…


not sample packs per se but he has some of the nicer field recordings all over the world too