Free Sample Pack Thread


I’ve been looking for this pack for so fucking long


does anyone have a copy of that sample pack untold posted on the old forum years ago? Need a new copy because I accidentally deleted the old one a few months back and need to finish a tune with a snare from it.





British Library’s “Sounds” Archive Presents 80,000 Free Audio Recordings:
World & Classical Music, Interviews, Nature Sounds & More

Embedded player’s not the greatest but man, Audacity and this site would give you endless samples. Playing around at about 0:19m on this track, would be a great vocal snip…



I’ve always wondered if I should delete the very high quality sample packs I’ve gotten a hold of on the gray market and just start using free ones. But then again, who’s ever going to call me out on that irl? :thinking:


Imho the high quality ones are nice just because they make mixing easier but at the same time - they make you lazy too.

All about trying to wrangle hairy, noisy samples into something viable. Grit > polish any day.


Yeh it depends on the time frame you feel you have I guess. Mixing takes time anyways and I like to work more on composition and such even though I can enjoy polishing samples.


Holy Sheepshit!

Props @komanderkin.



Check out ! I’m a web developer and I believe I’ve created the most organized sound and loop library out there. Please let me know what you think :grinning:


No tabla or tonbak samples 0/10.

For reals tho nice site I’ll have to look through it later. On mobile right now and the descriptions get cut off a bit towards the bottom. Also the “X” doesn’t work in the search box. Should be easy enough to fix :slight_smile:


Where are these samples sourced from?


all downloads link redirect to " Oops couldn’t find that page" (tested on firefox and opera)

not sure if its because i need to be logged in… if so you might want to streamline the account creation a bit, as it is the whole “apply now/request invite” sounds like something i aint got time for :slight_smile:


Oh yeah are these samples legal? That’s another thing.


@Tolsof Good catch on the missing instruments, the site’s database is still a work in progress. Also I apologize for the poor mobile experience, it’s still primarily designed for desktop. As far as legality the intent is not too host copyrighted material. However all samples are user uploaded so there is no way to be 100% sure of legality,


@_ronzlo hoepfully this answers your question as well


@faultier that error message should be fixed now


No worries man I know mobile is a bitch to work on. Can never be 100% for everyone on every phone.

And I was mostly joking about those (although I’d really appreciate some samples of those cuz I can never find any good ones.


anyone got any choral samples that i could use? thx