Free Sample Pack Thread



Big up BPB!




Anyone know of a decent set of jazz drum one shots?

After some softer stuff.


I use toontrack superior drummer and their plugins, they do a jazz kit…bit lumpy tho

edit: just realised this is the free plugin thread…ignore me



Cheers guys



jungle samples from released tunes that blu marten compiled sometime

some of their own samples from some remix comp

koan sound snares

legowelt analogue synth samples

paradox untreated breaks pack


90s dnb mag interviews


this is Opticals own bass samples from an emu and one break from one of his tracks cut into hits in the oldschool way

Some Samples Packs i synthesized and recorded.





Made a bit of a bass pack. Just DL the file and chop them out.

If anyone wants more I could make some different ones.


bunch of links to free sample packs


Jesus there’s enough in this one post to keep someone busy for a couple years lol.

Pinball machine one-hits are esp. dope.


haha havent checked them out yet, was at work and posted the link to remember to check at home :lol_og:


What do you think all the linkage I post on DSF is for? :corntard: :cornlol:


hahaha, that’s why I keep all my samples!! But damn, it’s sooo much easier when I’m working with my high quality ones. Sometimes I just want to produce, and not mix


Ok, so maybe I’ll throw somethin more here:

  1. Around 2GB of free sample packs from Lucidsamples
  2. Dodge this! British Philharmonia instruments sampled and ready to download for free
  3. - just free sounds. Have you ever tried to find howling wolves or sounds of car engine, or footsteps in staircase, or… ?



Thanks for reminding me to redownload some of these sample packs