Free Sample Pack Thread


Yeah just went through and downed over 30 of 'em.



Not a pack but damn do wood working videos have so many great percussion samples


Great room sound too lol



I tried downloading that yesterday but it failed.

It might be my internet which has been battered by storms over the last few weeks or it might be bandwidth on their servers.

Might try again tonight. I tried the .rar file which was something like 6.7GB compressed. I wish they had a torrent.


free stems from clark (the idm guy signed on warp)


Any free aiff to wav converter software? I tried to convert some impulse responses that are in aiff and it didn’t work with NCH converter lol


Mac or windows?


+1, specifically what host application (DAW) are you running on what OS?

IR files aren’t always loaded as audio file extensions.


Fl studio on Win 10, and using Fruity Convolver (for now)


Ok. You should be able to use almost any regular wave editor (Audacity, etc).

Alternatively there are a ton of online converters like also.




i prefer

bun copywrite laws, no one listens to my tunes anyways


You know how to do the power search stuff using ‘intitle’ and all that right?


Imo /r/drumkits is the place to go if I want samples that are in the gray/black area in terms of being cleared for copyright. Never heard of anyone being sued over using copyrighted one hit drum samples though.




Some really sick samples from heavyweight DNB artist of MethLab: