Does it make a difference that I was talking about “vinyl” dubplates?

I’ll just go to the corner now…


There’s you thinking that because you can’t nobody else can. At the very least you can keep your eyes low and nod your head. That’s what it’s about.


not sure I get your drift Jess.
because I can’t, nobody else can what?
internalize movement?


Ahh fuck just checked these tunes now, been waiting on bloom for a while now :gunfinger: tempted to sneak it onto a dub if I get around to that in the end


I read that as “this doesn’t make me wanna dance so fuck it”, but I think it isn’t that it’s not stimulating, but that you are unstimulated.


oh right
wasn’t rejecting it so harshly
but yeah agree on unstimulated.


So just got this with my bandulu 007


did u ring the number


Curious about that one.

Found this one in the thump mix of Commodo, nice track


yoo sweet! been hoping for that one ever since that extreme love clip on his soundcloud, I always thought it was some kinda elmo rehab vip


he needs to release fugazi… has it been heard anywhere aside from his soundcloud?


Holy poo. Tut Tut situation rwd fwd tonight. Other stores next couple days. From gantz insta/ tape echo website.


Love and Acid is sickkkk, fav on the release





Love & Acid is sooooo sick. Tut-Tut too.

Was talking to my DJ pal over there and I guess some musicians are managing to get out of Istanbul and over to the southern coastal areas where it’s quieter. Good on 'em. Wonder if Gantz and iSkeletor are among them.




Rough sonics; quite impressed (and surprised at that).

Can’t wait to hear all the trainwrecking mixes :cornlol:


From what I hear people don’t even attempt to mix Tut Tut. They just fade out of one tune.


yeah there’s like an extra beat or something between a certain amount of bars, would be a bastard to mix, 3/4 too


I heard the next release features deliberate skips on the vinyl surface