It’s sick tho lol


agreed and it is still mixable tbh, about 130bpm…i’ll certainly be giving it a go when i get mine anyway


watched this mans work on FlixNet and I agree with Gantz, absolute don. & I appreciate the recommendation








some dude who makes documentaries


does anybody have the wav for Gantz - yuck? the file has expired, Please reup or dm if you have it. :embarassed:
edit: found the zip file on my pc :cornersault:


Gantz release on Aquatic Lab
is the percy.
Listening NOW.


Hey Scott, did you ever talk to Paul & Farj about a record.?


I do not know who that is


the guys that put on Garage Pressure on 2FBi in Sydney from 2005 until earlier this year.
they run Aquatic Lab records with Moving Ninja.
they released vinyl by Shreddex, Cluekid, Gantz, Cliques, Truth, Seven, Zed Bias, Maddslinky etal
good blokes that gave your tunes a mad rap


Yh Aquatic Lab is sick. Never been in touch with em, but would love to work with.


Dunno mself
I dig em
considerem mates
doesn’t take much to make contact nowdays
You could look up the GP website,
find an email address & make contact.
frankly scot
I’m surprised Farj hasn’t got onto yu already
I’ve got recordings of their enthusiam for yur tunage


Could you upload it, please? I can’t find it anywhere online, the Sendspace link has expired.


I’m interested as well. I’m also interested in the whole freebie discography if anyone minds sharing it.


Will do it when I get home from work :bluethumb:


I’ve got RAIDEN SUIT, NORMAL GIRLS and Free Focus, dunno if there were any other freebies besides those and yuck!


Can you provide me wth a dl for the lot? :slight_smile:


Found out there’s 2 more but I only managed to get one of them. if anyone has Gantz - Bloom and could upload it that’d be sweet.

So here’s a download link for:

Gantz - Babel
Gantz - Free Focus!pxFCxZSJ!6_Qffl3Kw2WDDAGazqg4hEUZ9XAi_XWntgwTM1wZWGU

We just need Yuck! and Bloom and I think that’s all of the free downloads.