wheres the commodo plate :sob:


yeah has been pressed since at least February :tired_face:



new gantz…bit meh imo


wasn’t this previously uploaded online as a Fis and Gantz tune



That will either be incredible or utter shite


You should write for pitchfork m8


Yeah I should


I did think some of his bits sounded like they were upping tempo, anyone remember that tune he did with FIS it starts off half steppy but they up the tempo midway through n its pretty fucking sick tbh. ere


He put this up as ‘Candy’ recently on SC…no mention of FIS either lol




ahhh, nice to have a name for it, lawd knows ive been misled by youtube titles before, sounds like its got a FIS influence to it though. Hahaha just scrolled up as well, apologies, im a noob on the forum. Seems like it might be a diff version though? no dnb flava in the soundcloud track, only a minute clip tho i guess


yeah it’s defo different, but also elements are identical, maybe Gantz and FIS broke up and gantz took his bits of the collab and made this version…I prefer the original tho tbh


would make sense, probably used the same stems eh. aye im much more about the original, i think perhaps its not even quantized, FIS spoke about working without a grid in an RA interview while back. im excited for the exit release, id found gantz sound was becoming a little stale imo, his last deep medi release was a bit of a dud for me, all about producers trying out new tempos, i wanna see commodo on hessle next.


Can’t see it. But interesting