Swear bloom is on his Bandcamp or sumtin. That’s where I got it.


Nah he gave it away through social media but the link expired.

Here’s a re-up:

Pretty sure I got Yuck somewhere as well, but can’t find it rn.


There’s also Salvo which imo is the best one, used to play that a lot.

Can re-up if anybody’s interested.


Yes please! that’d be sweet.


I was thinking of Flowering. Oops


I’m interested :adios:


There you go guys.


Think I might still have Yuck! on me, will re-up later.


Gantz posted on instagram that the new gantz record will be announced today.


Found it in the medi store:


:rotating_light: Fresh Deep Medi, out Friday! :rotating_light:

Secure your copy here!


so this isn’t the same as the one on the ep, are they different tracks entirely or what


Yeah. They sound like completely different tracks.