Swear bloom is on his Bandcamp or sumtin. That’s where I got it.


Nah he gave it away through social media but the link expired.

Here’s a re-up:

Pretty sure I got Yuck somewhere as well, but can’t find it rn.


There’s also Salvo which imo is the best one, used to play that a lot.

Can re-up if anybody’s interested.


Yes please! that’d be sweet.


I was thinking of Flowering. Oops


I’m interested :adios:


There you go guys.


Think I might still have Yuck! on me, will re-up later.


Gantz posted on instagram that the new gantz record will be announced today.


Found it in the medi store:


:rotating_light: Fresh Deep Medi, out Friday! :rotating_light:

Secure your copy here!


so this isn’t the same as the one on the ep, are they different tracks entirely or what


Yeah. They sound like completely different tracks.




lol big ups




excited about a gantz album but at the glacial pace at which medi releases these days we probs wont hear it before 2025 :lol_og:


ikr? wtf is going on with medi :roll_eyes: