I’m digging Sully this morning.


I want keysound to remaster and repress that album please…

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let you is such a banger.


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been listening to this bare from that same ep joe

this one veers into being dangerously bouncy but is a party

where should we move this topic? its definitely not Other Music.
Its not really 130 BPM, and it’s not really Grime. wot u call it?
maybe we need broader category for this? something like “Bass” (but I don’t like that name)


or house i guess

House imo.

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or just leave it. no need to put everything into boxes like that. i still think some music threads are better left in snh; like just have a house megathread for instance rather than a whole subforum

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I left it in “Music”, no box, just music

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Just realised that Sully tune is more like 130 than garage.

He’s done some garage though.

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this one’s probably Sully’s best garage cut:





:bad teeth smiley:

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Shit. I remember that song.

Mat ‘Jam’ Lamont is one of those rare artists who can specifically
pinpoiont there place in the world. When Lamont started DJing, the
phrases 2 Step and UKG didn’t exist. A decade into his career and they
had redefined British pop music for a generation. This was in no small
part to Lamont’s work, from DJing at legendary after hours club Happy
Daze - the place where American house records were flipped over and sped
up, so the bassier dub mixes could keep the UK ravers bubbling- to
forming production duo Tuff Jam with former Double Trouble man Karl
‘Tuff Enuff’ Brown, an outfit who would go on to create one UK Garage’s
biggest anthems with their remix of Tina Moore’s Never Gonna Let You Go. Matt
still DJs week in week out, keeping the garage flame burning, and
watching with interest as a new generation has started reviving the
tropes of his mid 90s sound. We thought we’d ask him about those early
days, then see what he thinks of the scene right now- here’s what he had
to say…

Tuff Jam were so sick

i got this 702 - you don’t know remix and i have no idea who made it. it’s not the reservoir dogs remix. it’s on a dark garage tip. can anyone id? gonna upload a clip later

Could be the big ang remix

ah shit my mad it’s not you don’t know, it’s gotta leave. still don’t know who remixed it tho

not too sure i’ve heard that. post a clip and ill see if i can work it out