im not too sure. sounds a bit like k-warren. had a google search and it appears on someone’s mix on grime forum but he lists it as garage remix side b


thanks. could be it idk.


need another id here. this tune that samples busta rhymes’ dangerous. sounds really familiar but can’t put a name to it


I know that one!


‘one of the producers is called Armshouse ,you can check all the track that brotherhood ride it riddims done on his youtube ArmsHouse5 also there is info about them.
Armshouse is also under the name of deep fried pisces.’


yeah that’s the one! thanks man


last one, i swear :flushed:

same record. no idea what this could be but it’s banging


Lol I’ll have a listen at half time


no idea for those 2. thes just unmarked white labels?


yeah. thanks anyway


there no etchings at all or serial numbers. might give it away


cant stop listening to this mix :ok_hand:
so good





Chris Mack is seriously underrated imo


new horizons so underated too


oh my days this one


woiiii this is a banger!

this one too, same record