got this one recently. cant find tis version of find the path on youtube but its so sick



i cant spend too long in this thread, end up getting on discogs…



this one such a banger


so much of its so cheap tho. i keep gettin white label compilations that have 4 garage tunes on em for a couple quid
for example


Some of this can be classified as dark garage/early dubstep



Just recorded an old skool garage mix some of you whove posted in here might like
all vinyl of course

Rosenhaft - 1992
George Morel - Don’t Give Up (Love Will Come Around) (The Club Mix)
Kim English - Nitelife (Armand Van Helden Remix)
Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close (Tuff Jam Remix)
New Horizons - Sassy Lady (H Dub)
Johnny Corp - B Boys Shouting
The Heartists - Belo Horizonti (Ramsey & Fen Remix)
Danny J Lewis - Spend The Night (Top Cat Radio Mix)
Bizzi - Bizzi’s Party (Booker T Vocal Lick)
M-Dubs - Over You (Vocal Mix)
Industry Standard - Got Somebody Else
Artful Dodger - Moving Too Fast (Zed Bias Remix)
Ramsey & Fen - Colour (Ramsey & Fen Club Dub)
MJ Cole - Hold On To Me
Roy Davis Jr - Gabrielle (Large Joints Remix)
DND - I Got
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (Zed Bias 2K Vocal Mix)
Pay As You Go Kartel - Know We (Teebone & Wiley Remix)
Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)
MJ Cole - Sanctuary


dl link if anyone wants it


Not sure if it’s been posted but I just keep coming back to this one

The whole drums/percs/hats arrangement is so crisp.


Really digging Very important plastic label at the mo. think its owned by mj cole

Also massive dea project bump

And ofc this anthem


Control is an absolute riddim. Guessing you heard the DAT mix he did for Radio 1 the other day?


what was zed bias saying between garage and swamp

did he ever make funky or was he doing breaks stuff in the 2000s


nah he didn’t do much funky. think there’s a few funky tunes on his 2011 album but that’s about it iirc

he did the breaky garage thing for a while, then broken beat with phuturistix and p much stuck with that til like 2007 or so, then dubstep for a few years til that imploded, then house and mish mash uk bass and now swemp


nah can you send me a link? any good?


did quite a bit of stuff as maddslinky

this is an all time percy from 2006


this one too was relatively big


you mean 2011