yep lol


Tru is such a sick label!



did a mix of some of my garage records the other night for a local online streaming thing - skip to about 6min in if you don’t want to listen to the house tunes (had to transition from the last person)


Percy as well.


Have this on wax.

It’s So is also the lick.


Just finished this 3 hours Todd Edwards mixtape!


You know that time El-B and Karl Tuff Enuff Brown collaborated.




There’s a garage special at rye wax soon.

Horsepower productions garage set
Mike millrain vs large joints vs urban myths

Om gassed


aren’t those just millrain’s aliases…?

that sounds so sick though, such an underrated / not talked about garage producer. probably my favourite by a mile too in terms of “pure” garage

he still makes music too. one of the few soundclouds i actually check


Yeah. I suppose it means he’s playing tunes and styles from all the aliases.

Yeah he’s sick. Bit of a niche legend. Like garages d1 or something


Just a few bangers i can think off

Ordinary People - Baby You Make My Heart Sing

Striktly Dubz - Realise

Zed Bias - Buggin Me

Nesha - Whats it Gonna Be (Sticky Y2K Remix)

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers (Sunship vs Chunky Remix)


Realise and that ordinary people tune get heavy treatment in my sets at the mo. Need to replace realise. My copy is battered


I think there are some threads running together here, but that seems to be the nature of this site.

This tune jams…


good luck when it comes to replacing the Ordinary People tune though…


Feeling this big time



Can anyone ID the first track in this El-B mix?


prolly el-b remix of this