Gear Lust Part 7


cable itself maybe


you can get a phenomenon called cable capicitance if you have long cables coiled up which can produce a hum…other obvious cause could be your decks not grounded properly on the mixer


you got everything connected to the speakers on the same ground (ie outlet)?

i had one that wouldnt go away no matter what i did too, finally said fuck and just used an old transformer to run everything off of


Yeah if the speakers and mixer are on the same group, it’s not ground hum.


What do you by transformer?


Walls are bare yo. Where’s your Farrah Fawcett poster? :badteeth:


New Machinedrum is waiting for me at home : )

I’ve got Overbridge VST running on FL Studio 11.x on Windows 7 Pro. 5/6 channels of live audio. No latency I can here. Haven’t tried recording from the Overbridge VST and my MOTU at the same time yet, but I’m excited and don’t think it’ll be an issue.

I also got FL Studio to recognize the A4 as an audio interface just fine. I got ASIO4ALL to recognize the MOTU and A4 simultaneously, but I couldn’t get audio from the A4 channels and only got it to recognize two channels.

My girlfriend asked me why I spent 25 dollars on a sixteen foot long USB cable lol…"'audio nerd stuff!"

It is pretty great I can sit down at my computer and load up four voices of the Analog 4 right in my DAW if I feel like working ITB.




Just when I once again convinced myself I didn’t want a modular…


rossum back doing the work he SLAYS at :slightly_smiling:



ive got the keeanu filter too but i want a zardoz filter innit


Finally time to dump the trusty old Mackie 24:8 in the bin and get a new mixer. The 24:8 has been suffering with crackling pots/switches, dodgy faders, etc for years. Been using Caig Deoxit D5 to try and keep it usable but now most of the groups and the stereo bus are fucked and a repairing it will cost more than it’s worth.

Most of the stuff I do is in my DAW with software, but occasionally we get the guitars, mics and drums going so still need some channels, so am going to go with a Mackie Profx16v2 and rack it with the rack kit you can buy for it…anyone else had experiences with this mixer or the profx series?


going to expand the thread to general item thirst


also lol



I was thinking, what’s a way to record from ableton while the track is being made? Audacity doesn’t work while abletons open, otherwise that could have been recording the process. would i need something outboard?


I use an audio interface and a dj mixer. USB out of computer, channel 1-2 out goes
to line in on mixer. Rec out of mixer goes to any available input on the interface.


Yeah that’s simple, thanks. I’ll probably grab a Focusrite and see what mixers are good for around 400

Edit: actually, this looks like 2-in-1



broo that saved me a fair bit of money, cheers