Gear Lust Part 7


think i might pick one of these up soon


I’m so undecided about a mixer in my life. At this point if I’m going to buy one, I either want one that sends every channel to the computer like an audio interface or one with channel outputs or at least submix outputs…

I’m thinking of picking up a Mackie Mix8 for some “minimal” hardware projects this summer…but…I don’t REALLY need it…lol…


i read a book about Cream and they only ever used three tracks

im sure it goes someting like this:


Why did they limit themselves to three tracks though? I’m sure they used
at least 9 mics in most of their recordings.
Wasn’t it about the LCR mixing style?

Yeah we are in the same boat. Mackie 1220i would be ideal, but I’m not sure if the firewire
protocol will be supported in the coming years. I mean the newest Macbook doesn’t even have


Agreed, firewire is defo going the way of the dodo…which means next I upgrade my studio computer I’ll likely have to replace my interface as well. Hoping if I get another MOTU I can use the old one as a slave for extra inputs. At this point though an ADAT is cheaper than either kind of mixer though. I’ve got eight channels now. And overbridge works fine for recording the A4. I just wanted to be able to haul the A4 and a drum machine out on the porch, jam, record this summer. I always talk about doing it, but then always end up just sweating my balls off in the studio with everything switched on grinding away on proper tracks that no one ever hears. A little mixer would be nice for aux fx. Got three little projects up my sleeve and for two of them, this would be ace.


you probably couldnt seperate the signal like you’re suggesting ?

But more about recording in the same room (i assume)

goddammit :corndance:


This is a long shot, but would any of you consider swapping a microkorg for an alesis micron?


Plus Dave Smith filters…



def seems interesting, but as with all hardware the work flow is what im truly interested in. I have a sort of knee jerk reaction when thinking about a pioneer sampler tbh, but I’ll def be keeping tabs on this thing. If only out of curiosity. 1500 bones seems a bit steep too, but i havent fully sussed out all the specs yet tbh.

My search for an analogue mixing console continues. Came across the Soundcraft Signature 22 mtk today on the net. Not quite “out” yet fully (shipping i think, but hard to get), but holy moly this thing seems perfect for me.

That USB routing is pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for. Just waiting till more people get their hands on the thing and hear back on how the usb conversion actually sounds. I was pretty settled on an A&H zed 14, but the usb conversion sounds pretty bad. Which means I’d have to shell out a decent amount for a separate interface with enough i/o for my needs.

The going price for this 22 channel mixer is 800, pretty incredible. The Zed 14 is 400+sound card ($500~)


I’ve never played with the zed, but back in college I did a bunch of work on an older A+H desk. It was pretty great, I remember really liking the eq and pretty clean pre amps. I was in your position a few years back looking for a desk with built in converters, but nothing really seemed to live up to the promise. Hopefully the market has filled that void at this point. We just went with an Orion 32 (32 I/o over USB) and a traditional desk.


“just” went with an orion 32 eh? jeez… Heavy duty piece of gear in all regards haha

I’m gonna have a ton of free time soon come after April 18th or so. Lets link, been long overdue. I need to pick your brain and fondle ur knob(s)

As for A&H, i love their stuff to death. Musical eqs, quality sound, build quality is still fairly decent after the move to Chinese factories as well (although it doesnt compare to their old stuff made in UK imo). The main problem for me is hitting that sweet spot between whats really gonna work for me on the day to day workflow and what i can afford hehe


Hehe, yeah the Orion 32 is pretty serious. Great sounding conversion and absurd number of I/O. But it allows everything on the mixer to be connected to a DAC and ADC, greatly simplifying recalls (we print the 2 buss as well as all the channels direct outs). The options I was looking at at the time had compromises with daw connectivity that would still require another set of converters


Leaning towards getting a TR8. Liking the sound of it, never going to be get myself a proper 808 or 909, and it has the 7x7 expansion which effectively replaces my 707 and 727 units.


Niiice. It’s got a 606 emu too doesn’t it? 606 had my favorite hats of the bunch


I wish.

I really love the TR 8. Surprisingly so. There is supposed to be a big Aira update soon, so we shall see…I’d be hard pressed to pay for another sound set. The problem with these paid updates is that the thing is 499 new, buy the time you’ve bought the 7x7 you are at 599 and which is what you’ll get a new Machinedrum for now. The machines are apples and oranges really, but still…


Oh yeah, you have both a TR-8 and a Machinedrum, don’t you?

I was considering getting a TR-8 but decided on the Machinedrum. It’s supposed to ship mid April.


Being a X0X junky, yes I do : )

Its probably a bit of a spendy solution but they compliment each other well. I just wish they’d play a little nicer together, the TR 8 takes MIDI note data over a single channel, which doesn’t make sequencing it from the Machinedrum that easy and you can’t really do live mutes. So using both has me paying attention to two drum machines instead of one.

I have to admit I find myself gravitating toward the TR 8 quite a bit. One of my projects for the summer was to do some kind of short live set using just two machines. I narrowed it down to the Analog 4 and the TR 8. I just wanted to do a simple, gritty dance set that was a live jam.


I’ll be honest, I thought it was a free download. 100 for a sound bank seems a little much.


I just want a drum machine that jams and is interactive. A TR-8 would be nice, but yeah, that is a bit expensive for the add ons.



It is a bit absurd after buying a 500 dollar drum machine. I do have to say though that there is some subtle variation to the drum hits. The ACB technology or w/e isn’t complete bullshit. But honestly you could get a used Electribe 2 sampler and load it with gold baby samples and get almost to the same place…