Gear Lust Part 7


Wednesday afternoon Korg kitchen jam.

Lo-fi phone coverage:


Quality :smiley:


i like the visual porn, but lets hear some audio :slight_smile:

Edit: nvm, had my sound turned off hehe, is that snare really coming from the beats? sounds like its actually cutting through the mix a bit, the snare on mine sounds like a wet diaper being slapped against an NES. Nice funky beat tho :slight_smile:


try the capacitor mod, apparently they left one out on purpose and that’s the reason it sounds so doodoo


Guy opens up an 808 and has a fiddle;

Nerdy but interesting if you’re into electronics.


yeah been meaning to do that for ages. Oddly I just woke up from a dream where I was tinning a bunch of components. Odd dream but quite relaxing if you enjoy soldering as I do :slight_smile:

This is pretty nutty


I’m interested.

I don’t know why this was flagged but I guess someone thought this was spam.

How would you like us to evaluate these new headphones?


Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

the best thing would be getting connected with one or two members of the forum who are impartial, and not too far off geographically. They could try them out and give an honest opinion letting people know if they are likely to be dubstep-worthy or not.

Ideally these folks would be either:

  1. In the US, close to SF / Silicon Valley, or
  2. Headed to the upcoming gear show in Chicago next week (Axpona).

Could something like that work?



i wanwan


I think it was flagged cause the guy is obviously involved with the company making these.

Seems like marketing nonsense to me. Not many DACs will pass signals down that low. I have an older motu box I keep around just for spitting out dc voltages to my modular, but almost all DACs have dc coupling capacitors that block signals under 20hz. It also seems like this is gonna be marketed to the same crowd as Beats headphones, not people likely to have the hardware capable of “taking advantage” of this technology.

Maybe they could prove me wrong (I am local), but right now I’m filing it under marketing hype products. If I’m gonna feel haptics, I’d like it in the chest, not in the ears


I was really impressed with the extracted vocal, very clean and usable. The music track not so much. Super artifact-y and unusable IMO. Could see it really shinning for post production work.


i think @cyclopian is from Oakland (?) and someone else too…



San Francisco, aye.

What’s this now? Tactile transducers in headphones?



lol, ‘studio’, that’s a fucking lab.


If its not okay to post here I’ll remove it

I’m (reluctantly) selling my Monitor Audio MR4’S

Not much use on these at all but need ££$£$£$£$£$


After considering the Mackie I’m now thinking about the Soundcraft Ui16. This will mainly be used in my studio for montioring the DAW, I won’t be gigging with it, but will have guitars/drums/mics plugged in occasionally, love the idea of up to 10 devices being able to control the mixer simultaneously - drummer and bass player can now adjust their own levels from their phones, etc.

Anyone used something like this or the Behringer XR series?


Mostly cant go wrong w soundcraft imo


I haven’t but almost certainly don’t buy behrinnger


Yeah i also avoid behringer, was just interested if anyone had any experience with these kind of fader-less digital mixers in a daw environment rather than the live environment they’re designed for


Pretty fkn stoked with latest addition to my living room.

Pretty distracting considering it arrived 4 days before my final hand in for uni

Loving the sound though, very nice to have the real thing after using a vst for so long.