Gear Lust Part 7


omg how much was it if u dont mind me asking, seen thes go for thousands last year


Hate you.

Jk, very jealous doe. That’s the finest key tone ever achieved IMO.


It was 1200 in total, so I’m now massively skint lol

I have seen them go for lower than this but I bought it from a company who fixes them up and had it personally delivered. Loving it so far, can’t wait to have uni over for the summer so I can get some proper use out of it!


deffo a worth while investment, those things hold thier value pretty well too. i bet u cant they sound so sexy. I used to like pressing the lowest keys and resting my forehead on it and feeling the vibrations like a crazy person.


Looks to be fixed up pretty nice. On mine, the tolex is all torn up and a couple of tines are missing on the two lowest notes. Plus a couple of hammer tips are missing. It’s still very playable though.

Looks like yours doesn’t have the original legs. Is that a stand or some different legs?


Bit of a strange one with the stand, this is actually the top of a piano from a suitcase model so it wouldn’t have been lugged around as much due to the original size and weight of it. So as far as I know it’s had the name rail changed to a passive one like most stage piano’s and the reason for the stand is supposedly the wood on suitcase models is too thin to have the threads for the legs drilled into it.

I’ll upload a video in the next few days when I get some cables to get it hooked up to my computer, currently using a peavey keyboard amp and it sounds great but want to sort out a way to record it!


You should invest in a mic. I use a Shure SM-57 pointed right at the keyboard amp.

From there it goes into a pre-amp then to my soundcard then into my DAW.


Acutally, the suitcase models were lugged around more.

I used to play bass in an organ trio, and the keyboardist had a Rhodes with the amp which the Rhodes sat upon.

That, plus the organ was heavy as fuck.


yea i think the other type had the big fender cabinet it sat on. its a real ball ache to lug about


Yeah, here’s a track that I used my Rhodes in using the mic’ing the keyboard amp technique:


Liking that tune, sounds v clean. Interesting to hear that about the suitcase models having more use, I was wrong there lol!

Will probably look into getting a mic sorted when I’ve got a little more cash, not sure wether to bother using the headphone output from my amp to get the signal to my soundcard for now just to mess about…

Just been enjoying playing it through the amp for now though, sounding pretty decent through a Peavey KB/A 100, got a tremolo pedal too so I can pretend it’s a suitcase model!


I think I was confusing the suitcase model Rhodes vs the stage. It was late…

Yeah, the suitcase is the one with the big ass amp and the stage is the one without. I have a Rhodes SeventyThree Mark I Stage Piano. It looks to be the same model that you got.


Ah right I thought so lol

Yeah that mines a 73 mark I Stage. From 1977 I believe. Managed to hook it up to my computer via the headphone output from my amp. I know it’s not the advised method of getting the signal to my soundcard but it will have to do till I get a mic.


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nice set up but no chair


true hedz stand

sit down if you’re babylon


A chair is a truhead stand for your body


who the fuck stands up inna studio


tried it. sat down :frowning:


Looks interesting.

Movement is a do-everything, musical rhythmic effect