Gear Lust Part 7


New effects unit, Jomox T-Resonator;


Oh you mean you got it new right?
How are you liking it? Checked it a few weeks back when some live act
brought it for a gig I was working at. Obviously couldn’t really try it though.


Yeah sorry, should have clarified that I meant I’ve just bought one, not that it’s a new release or anything. Big fan of Jomox stuff, been after one of these for a while but never seen one with a good price.


We had a jomox 999(?) I think it was called in the studio I worked in last year. Way better than a tempest or any Roland. So chunky sounding


Mbase11 is also on my shopping list :smiley:


That thing is awesome. I’ve only ever had the xbase 09. Liked that a lot but it was
very limited. Kind of looking at an Analog Rytm now.


Yeah that looks really tempting, also after looking around at some other drum machines, don’t feel the price is too high now


My buddy had a jomox 999 for years. IMO its a pretty thick and impressive sounding drum box on its own, but it felt like you really needed to dive into it with eq on each sound in order to get it to fit in the mix. The one sound on it that I never really clicked with was the kick. It also had pretty limited sound sculpting from what I remember.
The RYTM is a far superior hybrid drum machine. The analog side is way more flexible in terms of sound design, and I like the sound character better too. It also has sample playback capabilities on each track in ADDITION to the analog engine, and running the samples thru the analog VCA, VCF and overdrive really add life to whatever you put through it.
The RYTM’s sequencer is lightyears ahead of the Jomox, has flexible audio routing and individual outputs, and killer built in FX, including a pretty rad analog stereo compressor. Its my favorite all in one box from Elektron. It’s fully capable of making complete tracks on its own (the most recent track on my soundcloud is 95% RYTM). I definitely have my gripes with a few design and workflow quirks, but the RYTM gets me where i need to go, and in such style.:slight_smile:


Anybody with an iOS device that doesn’t have Auxy yet - it’s free. Get it. Great app for trying out song arrangements & structure, does MIDI export, etc.


tr-8 sound bank is being expanded to include 606 in addition to the 707 & 727 sounds :mrgreen:


is that gonna cost extra? or will it be included with that 1st upgrade?


Bundling it into the existing pack, so you’ll get all three for the extra $99 or whatever.

Glad I held back before pulling the trigger on this.


I just received my MachineDrum after it being on backorder for months.

Now I need to figure out how to program this thing.


I got it for Mathew Jonson last weekend so had the chance to try it out (please don’t tell).
Really liked it, but it also kind of convinced me to go for the rytm or something similar.
Think I want something with a lot more options even though I like how hands on it is.


Is that because of the sound sculpting options on the Elektron?


Yeah mostly the synthesis part, but also the sampling capabilities and all the different
options with sequencing just take it a little further.

Comparing a €400,- instrument with one that goes for about €1300 though :badteeth:


Fair comment.

I’ve got an Mbase11 on my shopping list, so need to look into whether I can use the TR-8 to trigger that.


Yeah I don’t see why not. I was using one of the assignable outs to trigger a 101
via the external click in. Guessing the trigger in on the mbase works the same.


Looks like after 15 years, Elektron is ending production of new Machinedrums and Monomachines. I’ve had the MD for 14 years and MnM for 11 and I still find them both totally fresh and inspiring, and I’m still finding new tricks and techniques with both. If you’ve ever been on the fence about picking one up, now may be the time. These things are modern classics.


Snagged a pair of JBL LSR305’s for 150usd new off Amazon the other day. The price for the pair is now 240. Feelin lucky.