Gear Lust Part 7


Has anyone gotten their hands on a Korg Minilogue yet?

I’m kind of curious about that synth.


the micro got my hands last time but I shoulder on


They are quite good for the money at the original price I think.




yeah my friend has the 8" version and I like them a lot. Decided on the 5" because of my room size though.

edit: just got an email from Sam Ash saying it was a mis-listing that they are just sending me one of the monitors :frowning: knew it was too good to be true haha

Also, I wonder what this thing sounds like, almost tempted to pick it up…:


Ahh that’s shitty. I’ve had something like this happen before at vintage king but they honored the original listing even though it was their fault. I’m surprised that Sam ash would do that. They fucked up, not you…


after more than 5 phone calls and several emails this is still up in the air…

I think im gonna just put forward a ‘dispute’ on amazon tbh. The way they’ve handled this so far is ridiculous.

I keep getting emails saying to call their 800 # and then the support says they are going to email me details after i call. Circuitous BS

I keep getting this guy 'David" on the phone and hes always shoveling me off, puts me on hold to ‘transfer my call’ then comes back 10 minutes later saying the person he’s trying to transfer me to is ‘out for the day’. Absolute BS.


wow, they p much just told me to get lost. They have my money i guess and dont care

gonna push this on amazon and try to get refunded, kinda ridiculous


Fuck those asshats. You bought it from SamAsh but thru Amazon? Seems like you should be able to cancel the order for a full refund


So not looking for a technical answer, more like in your opinions why is gear still so attractive, when software is becoming so capable?


It’s the hands on immediacy of it. Software feels so detached sometimes.

I’ve been a musician my whole life, and I like having an instrument in my hands.

From the get go, when I do use software instruments, I have always used MIDI controllers.


yeah thats it for me as well. ive also always played instruments way before i ever got into electronic music so that probably has something to do with it

i very rarely feel inspired when im sitting in front of a VST window twiddling virtual dials around or clicking in notes with my mouse pointer. but working on a track with some keys to bang, knobs to turn, and faders to slap around in front of me is an entirely different experience. the latter actually makes me feel like im doing something musical. i dont have to think about what i’m doing, i just do it.

sure you can use midi controllers, but by the time i have everything mapped, whatever vibe there was is gone anyways. also hardware just gives me the results i want faster. yeah i could probably painstakingly reproduce the tone and character to 80-90% precision with some plugins, but why?


Yeah I get the detachment a lot, its a vibe killer. And the MIDI issue is bad, especially when it decides to forget the assignments every time I close.

The laptop has been like an instrument to me, though it is limited. I keep wondering if hardware is a good idea but eventually, Ableton keeps me coming back to software. Is that sampler, so good for beatmaking


you still get a kick out of a sample pack with a good kick in it

still at war with daw

we’re fucking lucky to feel that way and i cant appreciate not having to work these machines more tbh

pretty stupid to have to run win 7 for the rest of my life though but thats me and logic


Sold my Mackie D8b digital mixer today. :crybaby:


just got done helping a homie track and mixdown his next vinyl release to 2" tape coming off a neve console and some insane meyer sound monitors… I touched god for a brief moment and was quickly cast back to land of mere mortals.


Whatever you do, do not push the red button…


only thing that’s interesting on the NXS2s is the FLAC support imo.
The whole 2k line seems overkill for home to me, but i suppose if you can afford it, why not.

I am thinking about getting new (read 2nd hand) CDJs sometime soon, If i had the $$$ i’d probably go for the 900s, 850 look more likely though.


These are words I never thought I’d say but,

That behringer synth is looking pretty rad


It may end up being my first analog synth. Its a poly apparently too