Gear Lust Part 7


I’m sort of eying the Korg Minilogue.



Yeah, 12 voices :grinning:!

If it has multiple outs and multi-timbrality I could be VERY interested


There is no way that thing would be multitimbral.

(That would be nice though).


lol nice try behringer


no it could be


touch that works, touch that still works, still working, broke but sometimes working, not working, randomly working , off


My behringer midi controller only broke once I chundered all over it to be fair


where you listening to dubstep?


No I think I was drunk then ibwoke up the next day and was like wtf


for both studio & live use


Not actual gear so hope this isn’t in the wrong thread, but -

Anyone here used Xpand2 with Reaper?


Zont is a futuristic pocket synth that takes snap-in cartridges

The ZONT takes that handheld calculator form factor and packs it with more power, gives it a companion docking station, and lets you substitute functions by snapping cartridges in and out. So whereas the current trend is forcing you to buy multiples – whether that’s Teenage Engineering’s like or the recent Roland boutique – here, you just pop in what you need like you would on a handheld game system.

The major caveat here is that there isn’t a ZONT yet – this is as much a design brief as it is an actual product. But as design brief, at least, it’s appealing. The idea:

A calculator-style interface for rhythm and melody with additional encoders. This is, of course, more than a little inspired by Teenage Engineering’s invention, down to the basic layout.
“Lead,” “Bass,” “Rhythm,” and “Noise” cartridges included in the box – “noise” being more an ambient module, the rest self-explanatory.
Dock with more I/O: RCA, MIDI, USB-C, 3.5mm jack outputs.
WiFi on the dock for file connectivity, etc. (Note that wifi would open this up to Ableton Link support, theoretically.)
Bluetooth support, with companion iOS/Android app.
Stereo speakers.
AMOLED display.
Rechargeable battery (built-in).



I just want my Moog Sub Phatty back from repairs. I had it RMA’ed under warranty cuz Osc 2’s semitone knob stopped working. I’m just lusting to get it back


Just FYI:

Lemur for iOS is on sale for $9.99 (US).


these are looking and sounding so good


the 03 sounds really flat and stiff imo. there’s plugins that do a better 303 than that. and for $50 less you can build a x0x (which isn’t 100% either but it’s a lot closer, and you can get it really close with a lil extra work)

just copped an s900 lol. randomly checked ebay and the price was so good i couldn’t resist


I was a lot more convinced by the demo’s I’ve heard of the TR09 than the TB03. I do like that they have the cv+gate outs from the sequencer. The price these go for new, you can get a few different good clones on the used market that are a bit closer to the 303 sound and also have cv+gate outs. I’d rather have a TT303 than the TB03.

Is it just me or is the TR09 sounding a bit better than the 909 stuff in the TR8? Seems to be a lot punchier, but I’m just going off of youtube videos, never played either in the flesh.


Idk if this is an unpopular opinion but I played with a tr-8 in the shop last week and thought it sounded p weak and lame. The snare drum especially. Kick was fine


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Do want. Check out the interactive demo thing on that page, sounds tasty.


The Presonus Faderport 8 looks nice for a daw controller.


I actually think the snare cuts through any mix quite well, but mostly because of
that snappy high end. Glad I was able to try it for a while though, wasn’t for me
at all. Would consider that tr09, but still on the look out for a decently priced Rytm.